American Express Credit Card Application

Customers from India can avail e-credit card by submitting duly completed the American Express ® E Credit Card Application Form. However, you must complete ECS enrollment for the form processing. Please review the eligibility requirements for salaried or self-employed individuals and prepare documentation accordingly.

This form has provision for balance transfer from your old credit card to the new American Express credit card. Read the Schedule of Charges to understand the nature of fees and charges related to the procurement and use of the credit card. You may allot a supplementary card while applying for the basic card.

American Express Credit Card Application

How to Apply for an American Express Credit Card

Read this card member undertaking carefully to understand provisions mentioned in it. Begin by entering your first, middle, and last name along with preferred name on the card in American Express Credit Card Application. Then choose the title, enter date of birth, marital status, number of dependants, and mark the correct box to select your gender. Continue by providing your nationality, passport number, PAN/GIR number, Voter’s ID card number, and select your highest academic qualification.

In the next section, enter your present residential address along with city name and pin code. Specifying details for all fields marked in red color is mandatory. Please provide your phone number, email address, mobile number, name of internet service provider, internet login ID, and lastly your number of years at this residence. Then mention the residence type and then name and phone number of any of your friend on the next line. Provide details in the next part of American Express Credit Card Application if you are an existing customer else leave blank.

The next part of the form requires details of the vehicles owned and the type of ownership. Enter vehicle make, year, and your driving license number on the respective lines.

Proceed by providing your work information like company name, address, city, pin code, phone number, extension number, fax number, years of employment, department, and designation. Then provide information about the type of employment and continue by selecting the correct boxes that apply to you for employment type, profession, and specify other if you select so. Mention annual turnover, capital investment, number of employees, and tenure of business on the respective lines.

Enter your gross annual income, income from other sources if any, number of properties owned, bank’s name, phone number, account number, select account type, years of operating this account,  select if enjoying overdraft facility and mention the limit in respective spaces.

Select preferred mailing address on page 2 of American Express Credit Card Application. Then give details of two most used cards you already own. Enter total number of cards you own followed by card number, name of the bank, number of years, credit limit, and expiry date for each card on the respective lines. Then provide details for supplementary card like the desired name on the card, title, name in prescribed format, gender, date of birth, residential phone number, mobile number, and your relationship with the supplementary cardholder.

Select the box in case you want a balance transfer and enter details like account name, account number, name of card issuing company, and amount of transfer for up to two cards in the respective spaces.

You and supplementary cardholder if any must sign and enter date in the American Express Credit Card Application.

Proceed to form A and then enter your name. Leave card number blank and provide your bank’s details on lines 3a through 3g. Do not leave any line blank. Mark the box after enclosing cancelled blank cheque or its photocopy. Sign and date form A to complete it. Inputs required in form B are the bank account number and name of the bank along with the selection of the payment option. Please mention the percentage in words and figure if you select the option. You must sign and date form B in the respective fields. Form C of American Express Credit Card Application is request to your bank and you must enter bank name and address along with your account number, signature, and date.

American Express Credit Card Application
American Express Credit Card Application