Bank of America Credit Card Application

Bank of America® Secured Visa® Credit Card Application is a three-page form requiring your inputs on the first page. However, you may retain the last two pages for your record as it contains important information about the credit card charges and terms of governance.

Please submit duly filled form along with the security deposit to Bankcard Processing Center, PO Box # 53144, Phoenix, AZ. You may send the security deposit using cashier’s check, personal check, or money order. Refer to page 2 and 3 of the form carefully before proceeding. This Bank of America Credit Card Application has 6 parts and your inputs in every part is compulsory. Do not leave blanks as it affects the application processing resulting in delays. Optionally, you may choose Cardholder Security Plan for the enhanced protection.

Banking Relationship

Please specify about banking relationship. Mark your response by selecting yes or no option. Provide your checking account number if you select yes. Please make a choice between yes or no for receiving Mini-Card on the next line.

Bank of America Credit Card Application


Part 1 of the Bank of America Credit Card Application form requires inputting personal details like first, middle, and last name followed by suffix if any. Then enter your SSN, phone number with area code, and date of birth in the respective spaces on the next line. Type your physical address, apartment number, city, state, zip code, and email address. Do not enter a PO Box number. Please mention your mailing address if different from the physical address. Specify the monthly payment and the month and year since you are a bank customer. Select yes, if you are permanent US resident/US citizen or provide your Alien Registration number after selecting no.

Employment/Source of Income

Enter the name of your current employer or the name of the business along with a phone number and area code. Select if you are retired or permanently disabled. Then enter your gross annual household income on the next line.

Free Additional Card

Proceed to part 3 of Bank of America Credit Card Application if you want a free additional card. Please first middle, and last name along with SSN to process this request.


Please provide the deposit amount enclosed along with the Bank of America Credit Card Application form. You may use any of the three ways of sending the deposit to the bank.

Cardholder Security Plan

Select yes and sign on the next line to avail optional Cardholder Security Plan. You may sign on the line next to no for not availing this optional plan in part 5 of the application form.


You must sign and enter date in part 6 of the Bank of America Credit Card Application form. Similarly, signature of co-applicant is necessary if any. Please enter date after the co-applicant’s signature to complete the credit card application form.

Bank of America Credit Card Application
Bank of America Credit Card Application