Dollar Tree Job Application Form

You must prepare and submit Dollar Tree Application for Employment while applying for a job position in any of the Dollar Tree stores. Please review the certification carefully before signing and submitting this application form.

You must provide your employment details starting from the present or the most recent at the top. This application form requires various inputs from you regarding your qualifications, desired job profile, availability, and contact details in case of emergency. Please prepare the application carefully, avoid strikeouts, and omissions. Use black ink for filling the application.

Dollar Tree Employment Application Form

Prior To Proceeding

  • Please read the Employment Application Form carefully to understand the nature of information requested in it.
  • You must use black ink to prepare this form. Alternately, you can print this form after filling all particulars and sign it with black ink.
  • You authorize Dollar Tree to contact your previous employer.
  • Please provide accurate and truthful information in every required field. Be specific about the pay rate and availability to work to avoid ambiguity.
  • You must enter only last four digits of your SSN and not the entire number.
  • Do not write or make entries in the space reserved for office use.
  • Please handover duly filled Application for Employment to the store manager of the Dollar Tree where you seek employment.

Steps to Prepare Dollar Tree Application for Employment

  • Enter your name and date in the respective boxes.
  • Enter your address on the next line. Enter last four digits of your SSN.
  • Enter the name of the desired position.
  • Provide details of previous application or leave blank otherwise.
  • Enter home and business phone number.
  • Provide details of the conviction or leave blank otherwise.
  • Enter the expected rate of pay.
  • Read and mark your priority for job description.
  • Provide reason for selecting Dollar Tree as an employer.
  • Select if you can work overtime, availability to work, eligibility to work in the US, discharge status in case you served in the military.
  • Specify hours of availability, name of any relative working in Dollar Tree, any special skills, and age in the respective fields.
  • Provide the particulars of your education along with the hobbies and special interest on the following lines respectively.
  • Provide employment history like company name, phone number, address, supervisor’s name, job title, and nature of work, duration of the employment, starting and recent pay rate, and the reason for leaving. Please enter the details of the most recent or existing employment at the top and continue until the first employment.
  • Please select the box below the certification to receive a report copy through a consumer-reporting agency in case you reside in California and/or Minnesota.
  • Please enter the date and sign in the space reserved for your signature to complete the preparation of the Dollar Tree Application for Employment.


Dollar Tree Job Application Form
Dollar Tree Job Application Form