ICICI Bank India KYC Form

This is a [KYC] know your customer form, which is used by banks to get the basic details from account holders or someone who is applying for a new account in the bank. You can download and print this form and then fill it in front of your bank manager to avoid any confusions. This form is for ICICI bank customers in India.

The information that one needs to fill in this form is the account holder’s name, address and customer ID. And then you need to mention your account number after which if there is any change that has to be made to the account holders mailing address than the new address can be mentioned in the space provided for that.

The account holder has to mention their contact details like telephone number, mobile number, email address and PAN no.

After all these details have been filled the Bank official will then sign the KYC Certification, and approve of your form


Text Version of the Form

———————– Page 1———————–

Customer Information Updation Form

Name :


Customer ID:

Account Number:

There is no change in my mailing address

I wish to change my Mailing address as below

Flat no/Bldg name
Road name
Land mark

City Pin code

State Country

I wish to update my contact details as below
Tel (off) Ext .no Tel(R)

Fax no Mobile no

E mail


Please paste recent passport size photograph of all the authorized signatories

Signature Signature
Photo Photo

Name———————————— Name————————————

Signature Signature
Photo Photo

Name———————————— Name————————————

Please enclose your proof of identity and communication address in all cases

Note :
1.The address on this form should be same as in supporting documents.
2.If there are more than 4 signatories ,use photocopies of this form.
3.The submitted data is valid for all account numbers held in your customer ID.

———————– Page 2———————–

Documents Submitted : ( To be filled by Bank Official)
Photograph/s Identity Proof Address proof Entity proof

KYC Certification ( To be filled by Bank Official)

I have met Mr./Ms————————— in person at his/her residence/office/others (please
specify)——————and confirm that information in profile sheet is filled up after detailed discussion
with Customer. I also confirm that the form has been signed by the applicant in my presence

Date ———— Employee Number ——————- Signature of Bank Official —————