Receipt for Goods Form

The Receipt for Goods Form is a crucial document designed to confirm the receipt of goods at the receiving end. This document is significant proof of the delivery of the goods. You may provide more details related to the transaction when necessary.

Enclosing the supporting documents like a copy of a purchase order is necessary as it helps in quantifying the transaction. You may choose to enclose additional documents like invoice or packing slip in case you are the party sending the goods along with this Receipt for Goods Form. This form requires the signature and name of the person receiving the goods along with the date of the receipt of the goods.

The Receipt for Goods Form is a common document required during small business operations involving the dispatch and receipt of goods and/or services.

Before you start

  • Confirm the description and quantity of the goods after comparison with accompanying original purchase order, packing slip, and invoice when applicable.
  • You undertake the responsibility and ownership of the goods at your end upon signing and handing over this Receipt for Goods Form.
  • Please mention any supporting references like purchase order number and/or invoice number when necessary.
  • You may print or type your name and date of receiving the goods in black or blue ink.
  • This Receipt for Goods Form also conforms to the inspection of the good upon the receipt and its accuracy as per the original purchase order issued to the vendor/supplier.
  • You may make a copy of this Receipt for Goods Form and retain for record purpose.

Receipt for Goods Form
Receipt for Goods Form

How to Fill Receipt for Goods Form

  • Please enter the date of receipt of the goods in the required format.
  • Then sign on the next line in acceptance of the goods.
  • Type or print your name on the last line of the Receipt for Goods Form to complete it.

Sample Receipt for Goods

Receipt for Goods Form
Receipt for Goods Form