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This is a Receipt in Full Form, which is a very simple template for a receipt. You can use this form to acknowledge the receipt of a certain sum of money for a service or obligation completed.

How to fill this Receipt in Full Form?

  • In the first sentence you must enter the Amount of Money in US dollars that are being paid as remuneration for the services provided.
  • Next you must enter the name of the Person or party which is making the Payment.
  • Thirdly you must enter the description of the service or obligation completed, and for which the payment is being made.
  • Then you must enter the date on which this payment is being made on.
  • For the person making the payment and the Person accepting the payment must sign at the bottom of this form.

This is how you fill this Receipt in Full Form. This is a very simple document that you use to make a note of the payment being made. It can be used to keep a proper record of this payment for revenue and taxation purposes. You can download this Receipt in Full Form by clicking on the download link below.

Receipt in Full Form
Receipt in Full Form

Form Preview

Receipt in Full Form
Receipt in Full Form