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Form 12-299A, Application for a New Concealed Handgun Permit is required to seek the permission to own and carry a concealed handgun in the State of Alaska. Enclosing the training certificate, photograph as specified, and duly filled FBI Applicant Fingerprint Card in the prescribed format along with a remittance of $91.50 application fee is mandatory for application processing. You need to be a resident of Alaska State for not less than 90 days to acquire eligibility to apply for the permit.

This Form 12-299A is compliant with AS 18.65.700 – 18.65.790 and 13 AAC 30.010 – 13 AAC 30.900. Provide landmark for your residential address. Use black ink to print or type the application. Begin by providing driving license number and/or identification number in Section I. Leave APSIN number blank for office use. Insert date of birth and place of birth, city, and state in the respective spaces. Specify your first, middle, and last name along with suffix if any.

Provide NMN or MIO as applicable if necessary. Continue by furnishing your height in feet and inches, weight, and select hair and eye color from the options from drop-down menu. Select your race and gender from the drop-down menus in the respective fields. Insert your daytime phone number and specify the type by selecting the appropriate option among three choices. Please enter your residential address, city, state, zip code, and landmark. Specify your mailing address in the same format if different from residential address. The next lines are reserved for entering the name of the state and the duration of your residence in the last five years starting from the present address.

Section II is a declaration and undertaking to be signed under the penalties of perjury. Provide your typed or printed name, date, and sign in the space provided to complete the form 12-299A, Application for a New Concealed Handgun Permit.

Form 12-299-89 NICS-Exempt Concealed Handgun Permit Supplement is required in case you need “NICS-Exempt” designation on the permit. Enter your first, middle, and last name along with suffix if any. Select your country of citizenship and specify the particulars if you select others instead of the United States of America. Insert your U.S. issued alien number and/or admission number if you are not a United States citizen.

Section II requires selection between yes or no for 11 answers. Mark your choice very carefully as misleading or misinterpreting particulars furnished in this section are liable for proceedings as specified in Section IV of Form 12-299-89. Enter your typed or printed name below the undertaking in Section IV followed by inserting the date and signing in the space provided to complete Form 12-299-89 NICS-Exempt Concealed Handgun Permit Supplement.

Alaska Concealed Handgun Application

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