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Massachusetts Apply for Firearm Identification Card
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LTC-FID form, Massachusetts Resident LTC/FID/Machine Gun Application is instrumental for the requisition of new/renewal of a firearms identification card and/or license to carry firearms and/or license to possess a machine gun under the governance of M.G.L c. 140, §§ 129B, 131.

You must submit duly completed form to the local police department. Filling the particulars in the affidavit on the last page is necessary only when you renew a firearms license. You must enclose a Firearms Safety Certificate and/or Hunter Safety Course Certificate during the first instance of the application. Provide a lost/stolen firearms affidavit along with the renewal application. Complete LTC-FID form, Massachusetts Resident LTC/FID/Machine Gun Application truthfully and avoid errors and omissions. You must type or print the application form except for the signature/s.

Begin by selecting between a new application or renewal and provide the most recent license to carry/FID number in case of renewal. Continue by selecting only one license application type best suited among five choices.

Furnish your last, first, middle name along with suffix if any. Specify your residential address, city, state, and zip code in the spaces provided for the same. Please enter your mailing address, city, state, and zip code on the next line. Enter the date of birth and place of birth in the respective spaces.

The next line requires your mother’s first and maiden name along with your father’s first and last name. Enter your height, weight, build, complexion, color of hair, and color of eyes in the spaces provided on the next line. Mention your occupation, optionally SSN, driver’s license number, name of employer and the business address, city, state, zip code, and phone number on the next two lines.

Continue filling LTC-FID Application by responding to the questions on the next page. Select yes, if you are a United States citizen and provide a Green Card number and date since resident in the respective spaces. Specify date, place, and naturalization number if naturalized. Answer question 2 to 15 carefully by selecting yes or no as applicable. Provide your age in question number 3.

The next portion of LTC-FID Application requires furnishing details in case your answer is yes for any question between 2 to 15. Provide particulars like dates, location, and circumstances. Use separate sheet for description if necessary.

Provide other name if any, upon selection of yes on the next page. Specify state(s), territory (ies), or jurisdiction(s) you have lived other than MA or select none otherwise. Insert state, territory, or jurisdiction, and license number in case you possess a firearm license in the other state. Provide last and first name, address, city, state, and zip code of two references in the respective spaces. Select reason for applying among four options and describe in detail in the space provided. Complete LTC-FID Application by inserting the date and signing in the field provided for the same.

Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC)/Firearms Identification Card (FID) Affidavit on the next page is necessary during the renewal of the firearm license. Enter license holder’s name and existing LTC or FID Card Number in appropriate spaces. Continue by selecting A when no firearm/s are stolen or B in case of stolen firearm/s and provide date of reporting, the department reported to, type, make, model, serial number, and case number in the spaces offered for the same. Complete the affidavit by inserting the date and signing under the penalties of perjury.

Massachusetts Apply for Firearm Identification Card

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