New York Pistol License Application

New York Pistol License Application Form is governed by Penal Law Section 400.00, SUBD 3 and it is necessary to apply for a pistol license from the police department of the Putnam County.

The packet comprises of a three-page questionnaire and form PPB3/PPB3A in duplicate. Submitting Form PPB3/PPB3A within 10 days to the Office of the Superintendent of State Police is mandatory per penal law section 400.00 SUBD.5. You must reside in Putnam County at least for six months or more to acquire eligibility. Read and complete checklist on page number 3 before submitting the application to the Putnam County Clerk.

Applicant Questionnaire

Furnish last, first, and middle name along with the maiden name and aliases if any. Confirm if you dwell in Putnam County for more than 6 months. Provide residential and mailing address if different from residential address. Specify previous address if you residence tenure is less than 10 years at the present address. Insert home and cell phone number with area code. Mention your date of birth, age, and select gender. Provide height, weight, eye color, hair color, race, Social Security Number, and State if you are a US citizen. Mention state of birth and country of birth if other than the USA. Specify Alien Registration Number if any. Furnish information about employer and address or status if the employer not applicable. Mention your occupation, nature of employment and business phone number in the respective spaces. Furnish the license type on the last line of page 1.

Furnish last, first, and middle name, addresses, city, state, zip code, and signatures of four references. Select yes or no pertaining to the offence and provide particulars like date, police agency, charge, disposition, court, and date on a separate line for each offence if you select yes. Continue with responding to 6 questions and specify the particulars for each if your response is yes for any/all of them. Provide particulars of a handgun in your possession. Details sought are manufacturer, type, caliber, serial number, model, and ownership. You must submit supporting documentation for each firearm you possess. Complete Applicant Questionnaire by inserting your name and signing before the Notary Public. Space for notarization is available.

New York Pistol License Application

PPB3/PPB3A State of New York Pistol/Revolver License Application

Commence with furnishing NYSID Number, License Number, Date of Issue, County of Issue, Code, and expiration date. Provide last, first, and middle name followed by the date of birth, then residence address, city, state, and zip code. Insert height, weight, color of eyes and hair, race, SSN, occupation, and select if US citizen or not. Continue by specifying employer name, address, and nature of business.

Mention the type of application among three choices and furnish address, city, and zip code of employment if you select the third option. Insert last, first, and middle names of four character references along with their street addresses, city, and signatures. Select yes or no as applicable regarding offence committed and provide particulars like date, police agency, charge, disposition along with the court and date. Answer next 6 questions carefully and describe in detail if your answer is yes to any of them. Paste a full-face photograph in the space provided for the same. Enter name and sign in the space offered for the same. Insert date, place, and leave the rest blank for the signature and title of the officer.

The subsequent page has space for finger print impressions as specified in the form. Sign and insert address in the space next to name, rank, and shield of the office and the date. The last portion of the form PPB-3 State of New York Pistol/Revolver License Application is for office use and the particulars are furnished by the police department officials.

Form Preview

New York Pistol License Application
New York Pistol License Application