Proforma for filing of patents in Biotechnology form

Download and submit this form to file for patents in the Biotechnology Department.

Proforma for filing of patents in Biotechnology

Text Version of the Form

———————– Page 1———————–

Proforma for filing of patents in Biotechnology

1. Title of Invention:

2. Name of the Inventor:

3. Address (with telephone number, fax number, e-mail address etc.):

4. Name of the Applicant:

5. Whether the invention is made out of DBT funded project (yes / No):

If yes,
Sanction letter no.:
Subject area:

If no,
When and where the invention was developed:
Sponsoring organization / agency:

6. Description of the invention (indicating prior art and the highlights of the

7. Present stage of development (including scale of operation / production,
validation, quality etc.):

8. Utility of your invention:

9. Present national and international knowledge on the utility of this invention:

10. Present status of patenting on this invention (patent and literature search):

11. Novelty, non-obviousness, inventive step and utility of this invention, with brief

12. Country of filing patent and justification for the same:

13. Have you approached any other institution for patenting this invention? (If yes,
provide details and outcome):

———————– Page 2———————–


1. Objectives of your invention:

2. Detailed description of the invention (should be accompanied with drawings /
diagrams, if any, duly labeled and correlated with the description):

3. Existing state of art:

4. Drawbacks in the existing state of art:

5. How these drawbacks have been overcome by your invention:

6. Name of the inventor(s) with initials expanded with contact phone number(s):



We certify and declare that all the information provided in Parts A and B is true
and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Name of the Investigator(s) Signature(s)



It is certified that the proposal is in order and is recommended for filing the patent
application with PI as the Inventor. The patent application is forwarded to the
Department of Biotechnology for further necessary action.

Signature of Executive Authority of the Institute / University
(with seal)