Free Sample Letter of Resignation - PDF Form Download

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This is a Sample Letter of Resignation, this letter is a very simple template that you can use to create your own letter of resignation. Do remember that this is just a template that is made for California State University, Fresno. But you can change the name and address of your employer to suit your needs.

How to fill this Letter of Resignation?

  • In the First line where it says <Date of Letter> you just replace it with the Date on which you are drafting this Date of Resignation.
  • Then next you can replace the Name of the employer mentioned in this form with the name of your employer.
  • Then you add your Classification Title/ Job Title in the place reserved for it.
  • You must also add the Name of the department you work in.
  • You must add your effective date of resignation.
  • It is also your duty to provide the reason of your resignation.

Do note that when you decide to resign you must also follow the company policy related to resignation. All companies have some sort of minimum amount of days prior notice that you must give before resigning. This is how you use this Letter of Resignation, you can download this form by clicking on the download link below.

Form Sample


Sample Letter of Resignation

Sample Letter of Resignation