Alabama Business Document Copy Request

Download and submit this form to the Secretary of State, Alabama to request copies or certified copies of Business Entity

Alabama Business Document Copy Request

Text Version of the Form

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PURPOSE: to request copies or certified copies of Business Entity
documents. Only one entity’s documents can be ordered on this form.
Use a separate form for each separate Entity Identification (ID) number.

THIS FORM: You may obtain the Entity ID Number on our website at under the Government Records tab. Click on Business
Entity Records, click on Entity Name, type the registered name of the entity
in the appropriate box, and enter. The six (6) digit number containing a dash
to the left of the name is the entity ID number (item 1 below). If you click on
that number, you can view the Business Entity Details page to determine the
names of the documents (item 2 below) you wish to request and the number           (For SOS Office Use Only)
of pages for those documents (item 3 below). TIP: Print out the BE Details
for your records you will need this information for any request of the Secretary of State’s Office, to file annual reports, and Business
Privilege Tax Returns.

Fees & Delivery Instructions are on page two (2) of this form. Mail two (2) copies of this form if you wish to
receive a receipt with your certificate and are paying by check or money order. Credit card processing provides a
separate receipt so the additional copy is not necessary. Please do not send cash in the mail.

This form must be typed or laser printed and will not be accepted via fax or email.

1. Alabama Entity ID Number (Format: 000-000): –
Check the BE Details page to make certain that you have the correct entity (i.e. name, address, type of entity, and
owner/incorporator, etc.) – this verification step is strongly recommended – your request will be processed based on
the number you provide and there will be no refund if you select the wrong entity number.

2. The name(s) of the document(s) requested (from the BE Details page under Scanned Documents):

3. The total number of pages requested (from the BE Details page under Scanned Documents): @ $1.50 per

4. Service Requested (check all that apply): $1.50 per page

$5.00 per document for a Certified Copy

$100.00 Expedited Processing

5. Copies of documents requested are to be forwarded to:

Mailing Address (If copies are to be held for pick-up, type HOLD FOR PICK-UP here or the copies will be mailed.) Copies will
not be returned via fax or email – they are available online.
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All documents are mailed standard USPS unless envelopes with special postage or overnight courier envelopes are
included with the request. Any overnight courier envelopes must have a completed airbill with the billing information
completed with no use of the Secretary of State’s Office address and clearly marked “bill recipient.” Airbills showing
SOS address will be discarded since it has caused billing problems in the past and regular USPS will be used.

Credit Card Payment Option:

Card Type: (Visa, MC, Discover & AmEx)

Card Number: Expiration Mo/Yr: /

Card Holder Name:

Complete Billing Address:
Street or PO City State Zip

Signature of Card Holder:

Prepaid Account Option:

Name of Account: Acct. Number:

Authorized Signature:


Standard Copy Fee: The copy fee is $1.50 per page for all entity types. All requests will be processed in the order in which they are
received unless expedited processing is specifically requested. Fees for expedited processing must accompany the initial request.
Processing time is dependent on the volume of requests received and cannot be estimated or guaranteed.

Certification Fee: The fee for certifying a document by affixing the State seal is $5.00 per document certified.

Expedited Processing Fee: The $100.00 expedited processing fee ensures that the request will be processed and mailed within
approximately three business days (24 business hours) after the date of receipt of the request.

Immediate Processing: You may acquire copies and certified copies online at under the Business Services tab
and either the Online Services link under Business Entities or the Copies of Documents link in the Quick Links box. The online
service must be paid by credit card for non-subscribers and offers immediate processing (printed on your computer in your office – the
certificate bears the seal and an authentication number on the face of the document and prints with gold accents on a color printer).

Mailing Address:
You may mail your request to the Office of the Alabama Secretary of State, Business Services Division/ Business Entities at PO Box
5616, Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5616. You may use this form to use your Credit Card or prepaid account, or enclose a check or
money order for payment of the fees. Due to volume, we are unable to receipt for standard mail. If you need a receipt that your
request was received you will need to use a courier service or certified/registered mail requiring a signature.

The overnight courier address is Office of the Alabama Secretary of State, Business Services Division/ Business Entities, RSA Union
Building, 100 North Union Street, Suite 770, Montgomery, Alabama, 36130. Please use this address only for courier, the PO Box
address is a more secure method of delivery for regular mail.

Telephone/Fax/Email Request: Request for copies or certified copies are only accepted via mail, courier, or electronic online
processing. Telephone, fax or email requests will not be processed.

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