The person who is considered as the minister for foreign affairs and who is majorly responsible for working of foreign affairs of the United States of America is the secretary of state. They are appointed by the president themselves and is also a member of the president’s cabinet. The Secretary of State is the senior most position after the president and is considered as the highest ranking appointed executive in the presidential line of succession and the order of precedence.

A Secretary of State is generally responsible for executing out the non-military and non-homeland security aspects of foreign policy across the world and at home. They are also responsible for the smooth functioning of the administration of United States Embassies and their subsidiary units across the world.

Some of the duties of the secretary are organizing and supervising the United States Department of State and the United States Foreign Service, advising the president on matters of foreign policy and appointing diplomats for other nations, participation in high level negotiations with other nations, administer United States Immigration Policy, etc.

Here you would find forms which requires the action or a form which needs to be submitted to the Secretary of State.

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Certificate of Formation – Washington Limited Liability Company

To form a Limited Liability Company you need to submit this form to the Secretary of State, Corporation Department of  Washington. The forms need to be completely filled along with a filing fee of $180. If you need to expedite the service an additional fee of $50 should be included. The checks or money order must be payable to “Secretary of State”. Also note that all fees are non-refundable so when filing make sure you have all the required documents and fill in the form carefully without making any mistakes.

The complete Certification of Formation – Washington LLC form is divided into 7 sections namely Articles 1 to 7.

Free PDF DownloadCertificate of Formation – Washington Limited Liability Company

New York (LLC) Limited Liablity Company Form

The New York LLC Form is used when you want to form a Limited Liability Company in the State of New York, The articles of organization must be filled pursuant to Section 203 of the Limited Liability Company Law, with the Department of State . Download and submit this form to the Secretary of State Office in New York with a filing fee of $200 for expedited Service add an extra $35.

Before filing the Articles of Organization Form you may want to perform a Name Search to check the availability.

Free PDF DownloadNew York (LLC) Limited Liablity Company Form