Georgia (LLC) Limited Liability Company Form

Form 231, Transmittal Information Georgia Limited Liability Company is a tool for registration of a Limited Liability Company in Georgia State. Submitting duly completed form 231 before the Secretary of the State is necessary for its filing.

The application requires input of various details pertaining to the LLC under the registration and proposer/s. Type or print the application for legibility. Furnish all information truthfully. Mail drop or post office box addresses are not acceptable as the registered address of the LLC. Submit original form 231 Transmittal Information Georgia Limited Liability Company, original Articles of Organization and a copy of it, along with $100 filing fees in the office of the

Secretary of the State,

Corporations Division,

237 Coliseum Drive,

Macon, Georgia 31217-3858.

Imperative Directions

  • Provide your email address to receive notifications by email pertaining to the filing process at the office of the Secretary of the Georgia State.
  • Remittance of filing fees is mandatory and it is non-returnable.
  • Submit all necessary documents at once to avoid the delays and/or refusal for filing.
  • Do not furnish a post box address as registered address.
  • Circle your designation as an authorized signatory as required by the Form 231.
  • Attach additional sheets to furnish details of the organizers if necessary.

Commence by entering the email address for receiving the notifications. Continue by furnishing the reservation number for the name of the LLC if acquired beforehand. However, leave blank if not applicable. Furnish your name, address, city, state, and zip code along with the telephone number. Certificates are sent out to the address furnished here. The next section requires the principal office mailing address of the proposed Limited Liability Company. You are allowed to submit post office box address in this field. Furnish name, address, city, state, and zip code in the spaces provided for in article 3 of form 231.

Section 4 requires significant inputs about the name of the registered agent of the LLC, registered office address of the LLC, along with the city, county, state, and zip code. Do not furnish a post office box address in this section.

Georgia (LLC) Limited Liability Company Form

Furnish the name/s, address/es, city name/s, state name/s, and zip code/s of organizers in section 5 of form 231. Use separate line for furnishing the details of each proposer and attach additional sheet if necessary.

Mention the date and sign in the space provided in form 231. However, do not forget to circle the appropriate option to select your designation between the Member, Organizer, Manager, or Attorney-in-fact. Selection of the designation is very necessary. Submit form 231 along with supporting documentation and filing fees to the Secretary of the State.


Text Version of this Form

———————– Page 1———————–

237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, Georgia 31217-3858
(404) 656-2817
Registered agent, officer, entity status information via the Internet
Brian P. Kemp
Secretary of State

Remember to include your e-mail address when completing this transmittal form.

Providing your e-mail address allows us to notify you via e-mail when we receive your filing and when we take
action on your filing. Please enter your e-mail address on the line below. Thank you.

E-Mail: _____________________________________________________________________


LLC Name Reservation Number (if one has been obtained; if articles are being filed without prior reservation, leave this line blank)

LLC Name (List exactly as it appears in articles)

Name of person filing articles (certificate will be mailed to this person, at address below) Telephone Number


City State Zip Code

Principal Office Mailing Address of LLC (Unlike registered office address, this may be a post office box)

City State Zip Code

Name of LLC’s Registered Agent in Georgia

Registered Office Street Address of LLC in Georgia (Post office box or mail drop not acceptable for registered office address)

City County State Zip Code

5. Name and Address of each organizer (Attach additional sheets if necessary)

Organizer Address City State Zip Code

Organizer Address City State Zip Code

Mail the following items to the Secretary of State at the above address:
1) This transmittal form
2) Original and one copy of the Articles of Organization
3) Filing fee of $100.00 payable to Secretary of State. Filing fees are NON-refundable.

Authorized Signature Date
Member, Manager, Organizer or Attorney-in-fact (Circle one)

Request certificates and obtain entity information via the Internet:

FORM 231