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The California Residential Lease Agreement is a legal document template that you can use when you want to lease your residential apartment to a tenant, this form is only applicable in California. This document lets you have total control over the lease of your residential property.

This California lease agreement template lets you fill in the details of the Lease, from the full names of the Landlord, and the Tenant to the address of the residential property in question, and the duration of the lease. A standard duration for any lease usually is twelve months as it is the easiest to maintain.

Also mentioned are clauses in which the Rent Structure to be paid, the rent has to be paid monthly and on the first day of every month regardless if the day is a weekend or a holiday. Another clause is available where if the rent is not paid on the first of every month it can be paid on the second. But if the rent isn’t paid on the second as well then the tenant will have to pay a fine of the sum agreed upon by both parties.

California Residential Lease Agreement Word Template


California Residential Lease Agreement Form

Another provision is that of the security deposit that is to be paid by the tenant to the landlord as a security for any damage caused to the premises during the term of the lease. The security deposit will be refunded to the tenant on completion of the term.The tenant also has to make clear the people who will be living in the premises that they have to be immediate family, and that no part of the premises can be used for any business or profession or trade. Doing so will cause the tenant to be in contempt of the lease agreement.

There are many other details outlined in this form, you can download it and modify it to suit your needs. It is required that you Notarize the document.

Preview California Residential Lease Agreement

California Residential Lease Agreement Form
California Residential Lease Agreement Form