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Any Forms which hold Legal standing would be found here.

There are multiple forms such as; lease / sub-lease agreement, rental agreement, residential / commercial purchase agreement, bill of sale, power of attorney, marriage / divorce, name / address change, incorporation, bankruptcy, etc., These forms need to be filled and submitted in the relevant state departments.

In general, there is a typical format in which these forms need to be filled such as the full and complete details of both the parties and in rare cases the principal party, reason for the application along with the relevant details required for the same for example: if it is a bill of sale then it would require the details of the product on sale along with the purchase price, terms and conditions of the agreement (general & special), declaration certifying the process along with the genuineness of the details and documents submitted (if any) followed by the signature of both the parties. Any and every legal form must be notarized by the Notary Public for it to be considered legal within the state or country.

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