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Commercial Tenant Application Form

Commercial Tenant Application Form

Commercial Tenant Application is a legal format intended to facilitate commercial premises lease agreement. A Landlord may enter into an agreement with a partnership firm, individual, or corporation using this tenant application template. However, document requests furnishing financial documents for each type of tenant. Details of the same are specified …

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Florida Eviction Complaint

Florida Eviction Complaint

Chapter 80 of Florida Statute 2015 has important guidelines for Landlords who want to file Florida Eviction Complaint before the Circuit/County Court of the Florida State. Eviction Complaint form has two parts. Count I part of the form is used to file a request for an eviction order. Alternately Count …

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Texas Notice to Vacate

Texas Notice to Vacate

Texas Notice to Vacate is an instrument to initiate evacuation of a tenant with unfair intention/s towards the possession of the property leased. Various causes are responsible for instigating serving of the notice and the landlord can specify these motives in the notice. Typing or printing the notice is necessary …

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Texas Eviction Case Petition

Texas Eviction Case Petition

Texas Eviction Case Petition is a legal instrument intended to execute the eviction order from the Justice Court of Collin County. The petition packet consists of three forms comprising the petition itself in addition to the Affidavit of Military Status of Defendant, and Justice Court Civil Case Information Sheet. Various …

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Texas Bill of Sale Form

Texas Bill of Sale Form is a simple to comprehend format designed to legalize the transfer of a motor vehicle in the state of Texas. The seller of the vehicle acknowledges the sale of the vehicle along with the delivery of the vehicle to the purchaser in the Bill of …

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Alaska Rental Application

Alaska Rental Application

Alaska Rental Application is a legal document that acts as a Rental contract. Alaska home management organizations and landlords use Alaska Rental Application forms to determine if a possible tenant is suitable for holding a Rental Contract. The Alaska Rental Form should contain the basic information about the prospective tenant …

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Texas Sublease Agreement

Texas Sublease Agreement

Texas Sublease Agreement Template is an document which allows a tenant to sublease the apartment he has rented to another person. Download this Texas Sublease Template for free. However this agreement template will only apply to properties in Texas. The Texas Sublease agreement will not be valid if prior permission and approval …

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Alabama Property Bill of Sale

The Alabama Bill of Sale is a legal binding document that sees transfer of properties from a seller to a buyer upon an agreement. The Alabama Bill of sale finalizes a permanent conveyance of property once the document is signed by all the involved parties.

In accordance to section 32-13-4, in case a trade of an abandoned and towed vehicle, there should be a 30 days’ notice to the owner before it is sold.  There should also be a provision of a copy state or Federal identification by all the persons involved.

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Leased Vehicle Model Agreement

The Leased Vehicle Model Agreement is an legal agreement made when the owner of the vehicle agrees to lease the said vehicle to another person or organization for the reasons mentioned in this agreement. By signing this agreement both the parties agree to abide by the terms mentioned in the agreement. This template is provided as a basic format and Not all sections mentioned in this agreement would be applicable to your situation. You may have to Modify it to meet your requirements. You may also want to let an attorney or lawyer review this agreement before you sign it for avoiding future disputes.

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New York Residential Lease Agreement

The New York Residential Lease is an agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant, where the landlord leases to the tenant and the tenant agrees to pay the said rent for the premises which the landlord owns, the tenant also agrees that the said premises should only be used for residential purpose. This agreement is only to be used in the State of New York.

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Florida Sublease Agreement

The Florida Sublease Agreement is to be used by the original tenant when he is renting the apartment he currently has an active lease running to someone else. The sublease agreement can only be made if the original lease agreement has the terms mentioned and the landlord has been asked for the permission. The original tenant has to continue paying the landlord the agreed amount of rent regardless of the sub-lessee pays him on time or not.

This Florida Sublease form has to be used only in the State of Florida. If you have any questions regarding this form kindly consult a lawyer in your state.

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Florida Month To Month Rental Agreement

The Florida Month To Month Rental Agreement is an agreement between the Landlord and the tenant for a residential property which the landlord owns, the rental agreement renews on a Month by Month basis and the tenant or the landlord has to provide a 30 day notice before terminating the agreement. This form can only be used in the State of Florida. The form should only be used as an example and you should consult an attorney when making an actual agreement.

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