Commercial Tenant Application Form

Commercial Tenant Application is a legal format intended to facilitate commercial premises lease agreement. A Landlord may enter into an agreement with a partnership firm, individual, or corporation using this tenant application template.

However, document requests furnishing financial documents for each type of tenant. Details of the same are specified in the form. Individuals must submit a copy of the driver’s license along with this form. The tenant must specify any hazardous material on the premises along with its value. Providing trade references is necessary for the tenant. Each tenant / applicant must date and sign this form in conformity and accuracy of the particulars provided in it. You may choose to fill the form online and sign on the printed copy for legibility. The form does not request notarization.

Commercial Tenant Application Form

Steps To Prepare Commercial Tenant Application

  1. Begin by entering the date on the first line of the Commercial Tenant Application form.
  2. Enter your home address in case you are an individual applicant or corporate headquarter address in case you are a corporation or partnership company applying for lease of commercial premises.
  3. Provide your corporate or residential phone number depending upon your status on the next line.
  4. Please continue by providing information like State of incorporation, home phone number, DBA, and local phone number on the respective lines.
  5. Next lines of the Commercial Tenant Application form request a detailed description of the intended use of the premises.
  6. Continue by providing detailed information about the existing business Landlord. Please enter the particulars of the name of the business Landlord, number of years of occupancy at this location, phone number, total number of employees, address of the present business, specify the total number of parking spaces required, and any requirement of overnight parking. Please provide your bank’s name, account number, contact name, and phone number of the bank on the following lines.
  7. Specify and list hazardous material and its value in case it will be on the premises on the subsequent line.
  8. Select your status as an applicant among the three choices on the next page of the Commercial Tenant Application form.
  9. Please provide particulars of each applicant like name, title, SSN, marital status, driver’s license number, and state of issuing the driver’s license. Continue by entering the particulars of the spouse like name, phone number, present residential address, home phone number, and number of years of occupancy at the present address. You must specify details of each applicant in the requested format as applicable.
  10. Enter trade references on the succeeding lines.
  11. Each applicant must date and sign this Commercial Tenant Application form after entering the print name and title if any.

Please make a copy of the signed form and retain it for record purpose before filing the Commercial Tenant Application with the Landlord.

Form Preview

Commercial Tenant Application Form
Commercial Tenant Application Form