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Any organization formed, ran and maintained under the guidance of shareholders for profit or non-profit purposes is a corporation. A corporation is a legal entity that has either been incorporated through legislation or through a registration process.

There are certain documents that are necessary and are required during the formation process, these documents include; purchase-sale agreement, operating agreement, employment and confidentiality agreement, registration of the name used for trade, registration of corporate agent, registration of articles of incorporation, etc.

Some of the main reasons to setup a corporation are limiting personal liabilities of the owners, Indefinite existence of the corporation even after the demise of the owner, tax benefits or advantages, facility to raise finance by issuing stocks, etc. While running and maintaining the corporation the shareholders are required to register change of business name, change of registered agent, alteration to corporate articles, tracking and maintaining the record the minutes of all the meetings, merger agreements, etc.

A corporation and its laws may differ from state to state and details or decisions must be altered keeping the same in mind.

California Corporate Bylaws Form

California Corporate Bylaws Form Download this form for the format of Corporate ByLaws form for the State of California. Text Version of the Form ———————– Page 1———————– BYLAWS OF ACME INC., A CALIFORNIA CORPORATION ARTICLE I. OFFICES SECTION 1. PRINCIPAL EXECUTIVE OFFICE. The principal executive office of the corporation shall …

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Alabama Corporate Bylaws Form

Alabama Corporate Bylaws Form Download this form for the Corporate Bylaw format for the State of Alabama. Text Version of the Form ———————– Page 1———————– BY LAWS OF THE ALABAMA REPUBLICAN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (Last amended on February 25, 2012) ARTICLE I, NAME AND EMBLEM 1. The name of the organization …

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