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Free Notice of Rent Increase Form

This is a form/notice that landlord can use if he wants to give a notice to his Tenants about an increase in the rent. This form can be used in any state in the United States of America.

Completely fill in this form you need to mention the date this notice is written on, the name of the tenant is to be mentioned. After that a generalized reasoning as to why there is an increase in the rent. In this notice particularly it is mentioned that the event is being increased due to general cost increases. Then you have to mention the amount by which the rent is being increased and the date from which it is applicable.

The next part states that this rent increase shall not in any way affect any of the other terms and conditions set forth in the leave and license agreement, and that the due dates, will remain the same as set forth in the agreement.

Notice of Rent Increase Form


Text version of this Form

_______________ , 20___

Dear: ___________

We appreciate your tenancy. Due to general cost increases, we reluctantly are required to increase your rent. This letter is to advise you formally that your rent is being increased to $________ per month as of ______________ , 20_____.

This increase does not affect any of our mutual obligations under your lease. For example, your rent due date will remain the first of the month or before.

Thank you for your understanding of the cost pressures on us as we do those upon yourself. We appreciate your tenancy and hope you will remain for a long time.

Best regards,




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