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Texas Notice to Vacate

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Texas Notice to Vacate
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Texas Notice to Vacate is an instrument to initiate evacuation of a tenant with unfair intention/s towards the possession of the property leased. Various causes are responsible for instigating serving of the notice and the landlord can specify these motives in the notice.

Typing or printing the notice is necessary for the legibility. This Texas Notice to Vacate is served in line with the directives per Article 24.005, Texas Property Code and it is under the jurisdiction of the County of Victoria of Texas State. Filling the declaration of the service of the notice to the defendant is necessary along with the signature of the person as well as a declaration of the mode of serving the notice for its legal standing.

Prior to Commencing

  • Review Texas Notice to Vacate carefully for the clauses and conditions.
  • The form has two parts and completing both parts is necessary for its legal standing.
  • Notarization of the documentation is not necessary.
  • Completing the undertaking by the person serving the notice is crucial.
  • Specify the amount of unpaid rent, delinquency period, and cause/s for the notice to vacate descriptively.

Texas Notice to Vacate

Begin by typing the name of the defendant/s / tenant/s in the first line of the Texas Notice to Vacate. Enter the street address, city, state, and zip code of the defendant on the following line.

Enter the number of days allotted to vacate upon the service and delivery of the notice in the next section of Texas Notice to Vacate in the space provided for the same. Continue by inserting the amount of unpaid rent, date in the prescribed format, and the reason/s for instigating Texas Notice to Vacate. Completing this portion of the notice with caution is necessary. Proceed with inserting the date and signing on the next line. Please enter your address, city, state, and zip code along with the phone number as a landlord.

Insert the date and time of notice execution in the next portion of the document. Be very specific while furnishing the date and time. Select right mode of delivery from the three choices like delivery of a true copy of the notice to vacate to the defendant in-person, leaving a notice copy with the person present at the address with legal age of 16 or above, or posting a true copy of the notice to vacate to the premises in line with the law. Enter the name of the person accepting the notice at the premises if you select the second mode of serving the notice. Insert the date followed by the signature of the person serving the notice to complete the second part of the Texas Notice to Vacate.

Texas Notice to Vacate

Texas Notice to Vacate

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