California Rental Application Form

The California Rental Application form is a document that is filled and submitted by the tenant to the landlord. This application is required by the landlord to verify and run a background check on any one or all of the details mentioned, mainly to check if the tenant is capable of paying the rent.

Every applicant above the age of 18, who is going to stay the premises must fill and submit a separate form. While filling the form it is important to mention details such as; personal details including your legally registered name, DOB, SSN, driver’s license number & contact details; list of all the occupants that shall be living with you; employment and employer details; details about your current and the last two residences & the reason for leaving them; details about the vehicles you own (if any), details about a reference like a close friend or a relative living nearby to contact in case of emergency; banking information including bank details, credit card and loan details; answers to general information with a yes or a no and if any of the answers is a yes then an explanation for the same; reason for leaving the current residence, complete address of the premises they wish to rent along with the agreed rent amount; and lastly the dollar amount for the application fee.

By signing this document the tenant confirms that all the details mentioned above are completely true to the best of their knowledge and that they authorize the landlord to perform the verification. Also, in order to avoid delay of the process of verification or cancellation of the application, this document must be filled and submitted in full and must not be left incomplete.

California Rental Application Form

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