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Texas Sublease Agreement Template is an document which allows a tenant to sublease the apartment he has rented to another person. Download this Texas Sublease Template for free. However this agreement template will only apply to properties in Texas. The Texas Sublease agreement will not be valid if prior permission and approval of the owner of the property has not been sought.

The sublease is like a notice for the previous tenant as he is still responsible for paying the rent on time to the landlord. The terms of the lease with the previous tenant will still be valid and enforceable. The first tenant is referred to as the ‘sublessor’, while the new tenant is referred to as the ‘subtenant’.

The agreement starts with the name of the sublessor and the subtenant. The address of the property must be clearly mentioned in the blanks. This must be followed by the terms of the lease, such as the date of beginning of the lease, the mount of rent payable on a monthly basis, the date on which the advance must be paid and the address at which the rent must be paid. The next line mentions the date on which the lease agreement would end.

The security amount that will be paid for damages and cleaning must also be mentioned, along with the amount that will be refunded to the subtenant. The time period allowed to the subtenant to provide the sub-lessor with an inventory list must be stated.

Texas Sublease Agreement

The provisions are guidelines and more can be added to the guidelines in the others section.At the end of the form, the date on which the lease agreement has been entered must be written. The names and signatures of the sub-lessor and subtenant must be added to the acknowledgement. The acknowledgement states that the sublessor consents to letting out the property to the subtenant.The date must be entered along with the name of the landlord or agent.The form must indicate whether the original lease agreement has been attached or not. The form must also indicate whether the inventory list has been attached or not.

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Texas Sublease Agreement
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