Texas Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Power of Attorney to Transfer Motor Vehicle is a legal document and it is in line with the regulations and requirements of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

The document grants the rights to an attorney to take action on behalf of you as and when necessary pertaining the transactions related to the motor vehicle described in the power of attorney. As per state law, falsifying information on this form VTR-271 is a third degree felony. The power of attorney grants the rights to apply for initial registration, title, and/or certified copy of the title. Read the note on clauses that prohibit the appointment of an attorney under various conditions carefully. Form VTR-271 is not seen as a legal document unless filled completely and signed where necessary.

Begin by typing the legal name of the motor vehicle owner in First-Middle-Last name style along with suffix if any. Do not change the pattern of typing the legal name. Enter the name of the county of the Texas State.

Proceed with writing the legal name of the attorney under the appointment in the space provided. Type first name, then middle and followed by the last name. Enter suffix, if any. Type the name of the county and state in the spaces provided for the same respectively.

Begin by entering the year of the manufacturing. Type the make of the vehicle followed by the body style. Fill in the model of the vehicle along with the license plate number. Mention vehicle identification number. Write the title/document number in the space provided for the same.

Filling the declaration for odometer accuracy and the mileage is of utmost importance as falsifying information could result into a third degree felony as per the state law. Proceed with entering the number of miles. Avoid writing tenths if any. Check option 1 or 2 if applicable unless otherwise miles typed above are considered as the actual and authentic odometer reading.

Type the name of the legal owner/s of the aforementioned motor vehicle in the first-middle-last name format along with suffix if any. The next line has a space for the signature of the legal owner of the motor vehicle. Sign with black or blue ink only as it is mandatory. Enter the mailing address, name of the city, state, and zip code in the spaces provided for the same. Complete filling the document Form VTR-271, Power of Attorney to Transfer Motor Vehicle by entering the date in the space reserved for the same.


  • Use either blue or black ink for typing and signing Form VTR-271, Power of Attorney to Transfer Motor Vehicle
  • State law requires providing a copy of the photo identification for person/s signing the document along with the Form VTR-271.
  • Read the statement pertaining to odometer carefully and fill in the details with cautious while selecting the appropriate option between 1 or 2 if applicable.
  • Make every attempt to provide authentic information in the form as falsification of the information is a third degree felony as per the state law.
  • Any kind of alteration is not permitted; therefore, fill every detail with care.

Power of Attorney to Transfer a Motor Vehicle VTR-271

Text Version of the Form

Power of Attorney to Transfer Motor Vehicle

  • No alterations allowed
  • Complete all sections online or on printed form
  • Print in blue or black ink, signature must be in blue or black ink

This is to certify that I,

Type or Print Legal Name of Owner: First Middle Last (and suffix, if any)

of the County of

and the State of Texas, owner of the following described motor vehicle, do make, constitute and appoint:

for me and in my name, place and stead to title, and to allow my attorney the authority to substitute, as it pertains to the motor vehicle described as follows:

YearMakeBody StyleModelLicense Plate Number
Vehicle Identification NumberTitle / Document Number

This completed and signed form grants my attorney full power and authority to do and perform all and every act necessary to transfer and assign the legal title to the motor vehicle described, or to purchase and apply for a title to anyone who my attorney may substitute.

NOTE:   This form must be properly completed before it is an acceptable document.  The power of attorney cannot be granted to the selling or buying dealer, an employee of the dealer, or relative of the dealer, unless the vehicle is exempt from the odometer disclosure law (i.e., the year model is ten or more years old, the carrying capacity exceeds 18,000 lbs., or the vehicle is not self-propelled).  This form may be used in a dealer sale if a disinterested third party is appointed.  A disinterested third party is defined as an individual with no relationship to the dealer or dealership.

If a Power of Attorney is used to apply for title, initial registration, or a certified copy of title, the person(s) signing must include a photocopy of their photo identification, as required by state law.

I further certify that the current odometer reading is                                                                                      miles and to the best of my

(No Tenths) knowledge the odometer reading is the ACTUAL mileage of the vehicle unless one of the following statements is checked:

Signature of Owner

Mailing Address                                                                                       City                                                     State            Zip


State law makes falsifying information on this application a third-degree felony.

FORM VTR-271 Rev 10/13                                      Online Form at www.TxDMV.gov