Free Durable Power of Attorney Forms - Download (10) Templates

An attorney-in-fact or agent who continues to represent the principal even after they have become incapacitated (unable to handle their own affairs) is known as a durable power of attorney. Unless the principal does not specify a date when the term of the power of attorney shall end, it shall remain durable.

Such a power of attorney agreement ends only after the death of the principal or when the principal intentionally revokes the power after they have been termed physically and mentally fit. Any individual can fill the Durable Power of Attorney form and assign the attorney-in-fact for the same.

The form gives the agent the power to take decisions on their behalf, with or without the consent of the family and friends or their physician for that matter and is generally related to health care. The form generally requires the personal details of both the parties such as their full and legal name, complete addresses, etc., followed the description of the powers they wish to be transferred along with any special instructions or restrictions for the agent, the document also has to be signed by both the parties followed by the notarization of the document for it to be considered legal.