Texas Eviction Case Petition

Texas Eviction Case Petition is a legal instrument intended to execute the eviction order from the Justice Court of Collin County. The petition packet consists of three forms comprising the petition itself in addition to the Affidavit of Military Status of Defendant, and Justice Court Civil Case Information Sheet.

Various inputs are necessitated in these documents to highlight the case status and the cause for filing the petition. The landlord and/or landlord’s agent may seek possession of premises, removal of the defendants and belongings, recover unpaid rent, court costs, attorney’s fees, and accrued interest on unpaid rent with the court order under Civil Statutes Article 5069-1.05. Notarization of the petition or swearing before the Clerk of the Court is necessary before filing the petition in the Justice Court.

Eviction Case Petition

Specify case number and hearing date and time for the court use. Continue by inserting the name of the precinct of the Collin County of Texas State. Provide the name of Landlord/property and defendant’s name in the respective fields. Furnish Property street address, unit number, city, state, and zip code. Proceed by specifying the other address defendant/s served is.

Mark the box if unpaid rent is the cause of the eviction petition and mention the delinquency period and unpaid rent amount in the respective spaces. Select the next box if the cause of the eviction petition is other than unpaid rent and/or is a lease violation and specify the reason. Select the third box if holdover is the cause of eviction petition. Mention the date of lapse of the lease period in this section.

Texas Eviction Case Petition

Provide the date and address at which the notice to vacate delivered. Continue by selecting the right box among will be or will not along with the attorney’s name, address, and phone number on the following line. Select if bond for possession request is accompanying the petition by making the box for the same.

Select the next box for the consent and insert email address. Continue by inserting the printed name of petitioner, signature of the petitioner. Furnish the address, city, state, and zip code of petitioner along with the phone number in the respective fields. Complete the petition with the notarization or the signature of the clerk of the court.

Affidavit of Military Status of Defendant(s)

Insert case number, name of the precinct, name of the plaintiff, and name of the defendant in the respective spaces. Print your name and select your role as plaintiff or agent of the plaintiff by selecting the appropriate box. Select applicable options to report the status of the defendant from 1 to 6. Provide, your conclusions if you select 1. Insert name of the defendant/s if you select 2 and/or 3 and/or 6. Sign in conformity of the information provided in the affidavit before the notary public of the state, clerk, and the judge. Enter the date and the name of the precinct to complete the affidavit.

Justice Court Civil Case Information Sheet

Insert case number followed by the Styled in a descriptive manner in line with the example provided. Furnish contact information for the Preparer like name, phone and fax number, address, city, state, zip code, State Bar number, email address, and signature. Type the names of the plaintiff/s and defendant/s in the respective spaces.

Continue by selecting only one choice among the options offered like Debt Claim, Repair and Remedy, Eviction, Small Claims to complete the Justice Court Civil Case Information Sheet.

Form Preview

Texas Eviction Case Petition
Texas Eviction Case Petition