Free Tax Forms - Download (2) Templates

A Tax is either paid by or as an individual or a corporation and accordingly the form is chosen. A tax can be paid for various reasons like service tax, property tax, income tax, sales tax, etc.
Majorly all the states within the country have their own separate forms whereas a few provinces / territories do not have one and refer the taxpayers to the Canada Revenue Agency with details mainly remaining the same.

These forms usually asks for information such as; the personal details of the individual or corporation, Exemptions (if any), the income including a few specific details; annual salary, dividends, gains or losses, loans, etc., Adjusted gross income with similar details like aforementioned, then tax and credit, other taxes being paid, refund details, signature of a chartered accountant (if any) and finally the applicant’s signature.

Below you will find a list of Tax Related forms for Canada.

Alberta Canada Federal Worksheet Form

This is just a worksheet for you to calculate your Income Tax according to the instructions in the General Income Tax and Benefit Guide. This form Should Not be Attached to the Return File you send to the Income Tax Department this is just for your own records.

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