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Washington Month to Month Rental Lease Agreement is used when renting a residential property with rental terms of Month to Month payments, in this rental term the lease renews automatically every month on payment and when any party needs to end the lease they need to give a 30 days notice before vacating the premises.

This type of rental arrangement is also known as Tenancy at Will. This lease agreement is only to be used in the State of Washington. The WA State Lease/ Rental Agreement & Security Deposit Receipt is a type of form which must be filled up, when a landlord wishes to put his apartment up for lease or rent. The form is filled by both the tenant and the landlord. The reason for filling this form is to have a proper contract of tenancy between the landlord and the tenant. The form is meant for a single family.

The form must be filled carefully, starting with the date on the day of filling the form. Following that the details of the landlord/owner and the person who wishes to reside in the apartment must be given. The address of the property must also be mentioned. These details are meant to ascertain the parties to the contract, as well as the property involved.
The next section is regarding the duration of the tenancy.

Washington Month to Month Rental Lease Agreement

The options state whether it is a month-to-month tenancy or for a longer duration. In case of lease which is for more than a year, all the signatures must be notarized and a legal description of the property must be attached. The section after that, talks about the amount that must be paid for the tenancy. It is divided into various sections like rent, parking charges, locker and other charges. The section mentions how much amount is payable in advance as well.

The later section refers to deposits, processing fee, Prepayments, and finally the terms of termination of the tenancy. The clauses talk about damage to the property, smoke detection devices, rules regarding pets, attorney fees, obligations of the tenant, maintenance, and repairs.
Section 27 deals with the summary of the funds, which are received or due and lists the documents which need to be attached to the form. At the end of the form, there must be signatures by both the owner, his agent and the tenant.

Preview Washington Month to Month Rental Lease Agreement

Washington Month to Month Rental Lease Agreement
Washington Month to Month Rental Lease Agreement