Citibank New York Power of Attorney

Citibank New York Power of Attorney is a legal document signed and issued by the signing principal/s to grant powers to an attorney-in-fact or agent to transact with Citibank on your behalf. Please read this four-page document carefully to understand the nature of powers granted to the agent.

In addition, you may choose to terminate any previously signed and filed power of attorney using the revocation option on the page 4 of this form. Notarization of all signatures on this form and identities of involved parties by a notary public in New York State is mandatory for its legal standing and acceptance by Citibank.

Before Proceeding

  • Please carry valid proof of identity while signing this Citibank New York Power of Attorney before a notary public.
  • Please read the Caution to Principal before signing and executing the document.
  • Your appointed agent must read Important Information for Agent, date, and sign this document in acceptance.
  • Please make your selection carefully in Authorities part of the form for granting specific or all powers listed in it. Strike out powers you do not want to grant to the agent. You may specify and grant additional power not listed in the document by providing its details in this part of the power of attorney.
  • The New York General Obligations Law, Article 5, Title 15 governs issuance of such power of attorneys. Please seek advice from your lawyer in case you do not understand any/all part of the document before signing it.

Citibank New York Power of Attorney

 Steps To Prepare Citibank New York Power Of Attorney

  • Enter your name and address on the foremost lines of the form as signing principal. You may choose to enter the name of the joint account holder and address on the following lines.
  • Enter name and address of the agent under the appointment on the next line. This form permits appointing maximum two agents to transact on your behalf in electronic, paper, and in-person mode of communication.
  • Select authorities or powers to allot to the agent in the subsequent portion. Make your selection for granting individual authorities to transact for banking activities, borrowing activities, retirement plan services, and accessing safe deposit box. You may specify any other specific authority on the next line. Alternately, you may decide to grant all the aforementioned authorities including other authorities by selecting the next box in acceptance.
  • Please date and sign Citibank New York Power of Attorney after reading Caution To The Principal carefully. Please request the other signing principal if any to date and sign on the next lines.
  • Your agent/s must date and sign after reading Important Information For The Agent carefully on separate lines if you appoint more than one agent.
  • All signatures and identities of the involved parties require notarization by a notary public of NY State. Please use separate space for notarization of the signature and identity of each individual.
  • Use the revocation provision on page 4 in case you want to terminate previously signed and issued power of attorney. Please enter agent’s name, date, and sign this revocation form when applicable.

Form Preview

Citibank New York Power of Attorney
Citibank New York Power of Attorney