Leased Vehicle Model Agreement

The Leased Vehicle Model Agreement is an legal agreement made when the owner of the vehicle agrees to lease the said vehicle to another person or organization for the reasons mentioned in this agreement. By signing this agreement both the parties agree to abide by the terms mentioned in the agreement. This template is provided as a basic format and Not all sections mentioned in this agreement would be applicable to your situation. You may have to Modify it to meet your requirements. You may also want to let an attorney or lawyer review this agreement before you sign it for avoiding future disputes.

Text Version of This Form

Leased Vehicle Model Agreement

WHEREAS, _______________________________________ (Owner) desires to make available to ___________________________________________ (LESSEE), hereinafter referred to as “LESSEE,” the use of the vehicle(s) (hereinafter referred to as “VEHICLE(S)”) described below to be driven by approved drivers.






License plate number:

NOW, THEREFORE, ____________________________________ (Owner) and LESSEE agree as follows:

Responsibilities of LESSEE are as follows:

  1. Allow only those drivers pre-authorized by ______________________________ (Owner) or its representative to drive the vehicle(s). [If the organization owning the vehicle will supply a driver, specify that here instead.]
  1. Obtain prior written approval from ____________________________________ (Owner) for any trip that would require the vehicle(s) to go outside ___________________________ (City, State, and Country).
  1. Pay all fuel costs during the term of the agreement.
  1. Complete a vehicle mileage and trip log for each vehicle used.
  1. In the event of an accident involving the vehicle(s) described herein while this agreement is in effect, LESSEE agrees to reimburse _________________________ (Owner) for any and all costs not covered by liability and collision insurance, including, but not limited to the insurance deductible of amount of insurance deductible.
  1. Pay _________________________________ (Owner)a lease rate in the amount of$_____________per_________________ [may be a flat rate per week or month, an amount per trip or per mile, or other term].
  1. [List other responsibilities of LESSEE as applicable.]

Responsibilities of _________________________________ (Owner) are as follows:

  1. Provide vehicle insurance coverage.
  2. Provide vehicle orientation for drivers.
  3. Perform routine vehicle maintenance and cleaning.
  4. [List other responsibilities of organization owning the vehicle as applicable.] _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The term of this Agreement shall begin __Date_______ and end __Date_______.Destination: [Describe the general route/destination(s) for which the vehicle will be used.] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Number of passengers: [Approximate number of passengers expected.] _________________________________________________________

By entering into this agreement, LESSEE certifies the following:

  1. LESSEE agrees not to use the vehicle for purposes of providing charter service.
  1. LESSEE warrants that LESSEE is in compliance with Idaho’s worker’s compensation law, Idaho Code, Title 72, which requires them to provide worker’s compensation coverage for all subject workers. LESSEE warrants that all persons subject to the Idaho’s worker’s compensation law are covered by a worker’s compensation plan or insurance policy that fully complies with the law. Contractor shall indemnify ________________________ (Owner) for any liability incurred by _____________________________ (Owner) as a result of /LESSEE’s breach of warranty under this paragraph.
  1. Notwithstanding any other agreements, LESSEE agrees to defend, hold harmless, and indemnify __________________________________________ (Owner) against any legal liability with respect to bodily injury, death, and property damage arising from the negligence of LESSEE during its use of the vehicle.
  1. LESSEE may not subcontract use of vehicle under this contract without _____________________________ (Owner) prior consent.
  1. In circumstances when the vehicle requires towing, maintenance, or repair during the time when LESSEE is using the vehicle, such activities will be managed and coordinated by LESSEE upon approval by ____________________ (Owner).


Name of the OwnerName of the Owner
Address :Address :
Date: _________________________Date: _________________________

Leased Vehicle Model Agreement