Free Insurance Forms - Download (13) Templates

A form used to apply for an insurance policy, renew a policy or to claim one is known as an Insurance form.

There are different kinds of forms such as ECS claim payments, Health Insurance, fire claim, fidelity guarantee claim, extra care claim, employers liability claim, critical illness cover, cashless form, burglary claim, agency application, etc.

Every form has its own unique purpose, terms, tenure and way of filling. But all the forms generally have a similar pattern of details that are asked such as; complete and legal personal details of the applicant, if it’s an application for a new or renewal of a policy then the details of the individual or things related to the policy or if it is a claim then the reasons for the claim are to be mentioned; for example: if it is a health insurance then complete details of the individual related to their health, terms and conditions followed by the declaration and the applicant’s signature. In some cases a signature of the witness might also be required.

New York Record of Employment – IA12.3

New York Record of Employment IA12.3

The IA12.3 Record of Employment is a document intended to declare that the employee’s job was insured and the employee is entitled to apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits upon the forcible layoff or termination from a job when the said employee is at no fault. This form also serves as …

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Bajaj Allianz Fire Claim Form

If your Bajaj Allianz Policy covers fire losses then you may fill this form and submit it to the Bajaj Allianz Claim office along with the other required documents. Such as police complaint records, fire brigade intimation proofs etc. This form may only be used to claim the loss caused …

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Bajaj Allianz Cashless Form

For a request of a Cashless Hospitalization of your Health Insurance Policy scan or fax the completed first two pages of this form to the Bajaj Allianz Claim office numbers at Fax: 020-30512224/6/7 or you can also submit the copies manually by visiting the claim office. This form is only valid …

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Bajaj Allianz Accident Claim Form

This form can be used when you want to file for a Claim of an Accident according to the Policy guidelines. Fill and submit this form to the Bajaj Allianz Cliam Office along with all the required documents. Regd. Office: Bombay Pune Road, Akrudi, Pune 411 035 & Head Office: …

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