Agreement for Permission to Sublet Form

An Agreement for permission to sublet form is an official licit document that allows a particular tenant who has rented a property or has acquired rights to the property to transfer the rights to the sublet. A Sublet is a temporary tenant who wishes to stay in the property for a predetermined period.

In order to make this possible the situation asks for a sublease. Through this form, the tenant can perform action both on commercial and residential properties. Depending on the original lease and its regulations, the landlord should be giving permission to sublease. Therefore, an agreement form permission to sublet form is how the tenant should do it by placing a proper contract and after speaking with the attorney. All lessees must give a signed consent before applying for this form. The sublet can either pay the rent directly or give it to the lessee regularly in this definitive period. Whatever happens to the property, stays entirely on the less, but not the sublet. On moving out suddenly, security deposit will be refunded to the lessee.

Why is it needed?

In cases like this, you will always have to check with your landlord making sure that he/she is willing to sublease the property. Only after getting approval from the landlord, you can fill the regular sublet form. Subletting is actually a temporary arrangement. In case if you are going for a vacation for two long months after completing a semester in the college and that you don’t want to leave your property empty, you can always sublease the property and end it when you come back. However, one should be aware that moving permanently out is called assigning a property and it requires a completely different procedure.

Step by step procedure to Fill the Agreement for Permission to Sublet Form

  1. The first part of the form contains details like date, names of the landlord and the tenant followed by the name of the sublet and the location of the property. Also you have to fill in the details like from when till when, you’re willing to lease your property to the sublet along with the expiration date.
  2. The second part of the form also starts with the beginning date and end date of the sublease contract. It contains four different rules and norms that are to be followed after being read carefully. Putting them in a nutshell, it is stated that all the subtenants should also fill the complete rental application form of the landlord along with the employment, credit and identification details.
  3. In case of legal action the subtenant should be the one to bear all the costs and fees of the attorney. One should consider that this form is not going to release the main tenant from any responsibility. After being done with this, the parties have to sign the form as an acknowledgement.

Agreement For Permission To Sublet Form
Agreement For Permission To Sublet Form

Form Preview

Agreement Form Permission To Sublet Form
Agreement Form Permission To Sublet Form