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Fidelity Bond Form
Fidelity Bond Form

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We, ____________________, as PRINCIPAL, and ___________________________, a surety company authorized to issue these bonds, as SURETY, are held and bound to __________________________ in the sum of $ ______ (____________ & _______/100 dollars) and the legal successors of __________________________, for which we bind ourselves and our legal successors.

The condition of this bond is that PRINCIPAL is employed by __________________________ as _______________________________ and is required to be bonded.

If PRINCIPAL shall account for all money and property and other items of value coming into PRINCIPAL’s possession or control as a result of employment, then this obligation shall be void, otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect.

This bond shall remain in force until terminated or canceled on ___ days written notice by SURETY by OBLIGEE.

Dated: _____________________________

______________________________, PRINCIPAL

______________________________, SURETY