Mortgage Form

Mortgage Form is a legal agreement between the Mortgagor and Mortgagee. This legal document serves as an instrument to provide the framework for the borrowing transaction by providing surety in terms of the property mortgaged. Please review and fill all details accurately in articles Covenants of Mortgagor, Defaults, and Miscellaneous Provisions. Notarization of the signature is necessary by the Notary Public of the said State.

Enter the total amount in words and figures in Equity of Redemption. Use only US Dollar as currency. Please provide accurate description of the property or premises as referred in the Mortgage Form in line with the conditions mentioned. Complete all fields of the Mortgage Form duly. You may use black or blue ink to type or print the form.

Before Beginning

  • This legal instrument intends to reflect purchase or debt obligation.
  • This form is suitable for executing commercial real estate linked debt transactions.
  • Read provisions from 1.01 through 1.06 carefully in Article 1, Covenants of Mortgagor.
  • Read provisions from 2.01 through 2.02 carefully in Article 2, Defaults.
  • Read provisions from 3.01 through 3.07 carefully in Article 3, Miscellaneous Provisions.
  • You must sign this legal instrument before the Notary Public of your state in acceptance and execution of it.

Mortgage Form

Mortgage Form

How to Fill Mortgage Form

  • Begin by proving the date in the prescribed format and then enter the legal name of the Mortgagor and Mortgagee on the respective lines in the foremost space in the Mortgage Form.
  • Then enter the sum of the debt in the US dollar in words and figures in the spaces reserved in Amount of Lien: “Note” section.
  • Then proceed to Description of Property Subject to Lien: “Premises” and enter the name of County and the State on the respective lines. You may choose to enclose Exhibit A to describe the premises or property and the subject of the lien descriptively.
  • The next portion of the Equity of Redemption of Mortgage Form requires input of the principal sum in words and figure. Use US Dollar as currency.
  • Section 1.04 of Article 1, Covenants of Mortgagor has spaces for entering the name of the county and state. Please fill these details on the respective lines.
  • Enter the dates in Section 2.01, Events of Defaults in spaces for entering the number of days for the consideration of occurrence of events and limit for curing the fault upon the receipt of notice from the Mortgagee.
  • Enter the name of the state in section 3.05 Governing Law as required to define the jurisdiction.
  • Sign before the Notary Public of your state to execute this legal instrument.
  • Mortgage Form has spaces for notarization in the last portion and input by the Notary Public of your state is required in these spaces.

Form Preview

Mortgage Form
Mortgage Form