Bulk Sales Affidavit Form

Bulk Sales Affidavit is a legal instrument issued by the rightful owner of a small business or also known as the Company in conformity with the bill of sale enclosed with this document. The rightful owner of the Company also undertakes that the property and/or goods described in the bill of sale document are free from all sorts of lien or obligations.

You as the rightful owner of the business/Company must sign this document to execute it under the Uniform Commercial Code of the concerned state of the United States. UCC Articles from 1 through 9 govern this Bulk Sales Affidavit as and when applicable. Please review this document carefully to understand its purpose and provisions. Please refer to Uniform Commercial Codes of your state to understand the scope of this Bulk Sales Affidavit in terms of goods and/or property.

Bulk Sales Affidavit

Before you start

  • Please type or print in blue or black ink for legibility.
  • Do not leave blank spaces. Strike out blank spaces when not applicable.
  • Please enclose a copy of bill of sale along with this document when necessary.
  • Read article 4 of this Bulk Sales Affidavit to understand the declaration pertaining to the no obligations.
  • You must sign this Bulk Sales Affidavit. However, notarization of your signature is not necessary.

How to Prepare the Bulk Sales Affidavit

  • Enter the name of the state to define the jurisdiction of this Bulk Sales Affidavit document and governance of the Uniform Commercial Codes Articles 1 through 9 as and when applicable.
  • Then enter the name of the county on the following line.
  • Type or print your street address, along with the city, state, and zip code on the next line. You may choose to provide your phone number.
  • Then mention your role and name of the Company you own on the subsequent lines of the Bulk Sales Affidavit document.
  • Type or print the name of the state of the United States to define the jurisdiction of Uniform Commercial Codes.
  • Sign on the last line of the Bulk Sales Affidavit and complete this document by typing or printing your name below the signature. You may choose to mention the date of issuing and executing this affidavit below your signature.

You may notarize this Bulk Sales Affidavit by a Notary Public of the concerned state for its legal standing and execution; however, it is not necessary.

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Bulk Sales Affidavit Form
Bulk Sales Affidavit Form