Georgia Affidavit of Correction (Form T-11)

Form T-11, Georgia Affidavit Of Correction is used to request corrections in Certificate of Title or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin for various permissible corrections. However, this legal instrument is not valid for corrections related to Odometer Reading Correction (Form T-107), Security Interest Holder or Incorrectly Recorded Lien (Form T-4) , Blocking out by Erasure, or Use of Correction Fluid.

Please read the notice provided in Form T-11 to understand and implement alternate procedures for carrying out such corrections. In addition, alteration in the purchase date attracts penalty. Form T-11 has various fields for inputs where you as an affiant require marking your responses and entering particulars.

Before Submitting the Affidavit of Correction, Georgia (Form T-11)

  • You must enclose Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin and/or Certificate of Title along with form.
  • Provide vehicle description accurately.
  • Notarization of Form T-11 is necessary.
  • Select the reason/s for correction from 9 options carefully and provide details if you select other.
  • Misinterpretation or falsifying information attracts penalties.

Georgia Affidavit of Correction

Vehicle Information

Begin by inserting date on the first line of the Georgia Affidavit Of Correction Form. Provide vehicle description on the next line in detail. You must enter the year, model, and make of the vehicle along with a vehicle identification number. Take utmost care while entering these details. Information provided on this line is important and any error in providing these details may attract penalties due to falsification of the information.

Choose Correction Reason

Select the cause of correction among the 9 options 

  • Typographical Error.
  • Seller Signed the Name Incorrectly.
  • Assignment Placed in Dealer Assignment in Error.
  • Customer Changed Mind.
  • Notary Public Placed Signature in Wrong Space.
  • Seller Assigned Title to Himself.
  • Seller Made Strike Over in Purchaser’s Name.
  • Purchaser’s Name Misspelled.
  • Seller Assigned Title to Wrong Party.

You must specify the cause in detail if you select the last option Other in the space provided for the same.

Notary Requirement

Insert the date of execution in the required format and sign in the space provided for the same. You must sign the Affidavit of Correction before a Georgia Notary Public. The last portion of Georgia Affidavit Of Correction is reserved for notarization and inputs from Notary Public of Georgia State are required on respective lines to complete the execution of the form.

Form Preview

Georgia Affidavit of Correction (Form T-11)
Georgia Affidavit of Correction (Form T-11)