Colorado Vehicle Bill of Sale Form 2

Colorado Vehicle Bill of Sale Form is a legal document intended to facilitate the sale/purchase transaction and transfer of a motor vehicle within the jurisdiction of Colorado State. This Bill of Sale document is not same as transfer of the title; however, accompanying this form during the transfer of the title of the motor vehicle before the Colorado DMV is necessary.

The seller releases the interest in the vehicle by issuing this Bill of Sale. However, take care to fill buyer’s details as required in the new Certificate of Title. Complete Colorado DMV Bill of Sale Form duly and accurately. Omissions or misinterpretation of information is not permitted. Notarization of this document is not necessary.

Before Signing the Colorado Vehicle Bill of Sale

  • Read the Bill of Sale carefully, to understand the requirements of inputs and other provisions.
  • Certificate of Title must accompany the form.
  • Type or print the document for legibility.
  • Provide all motor vehicle details with care as erasures and/or alterations need further verification.
  • The seller of the motor vehicle described in Colorado DMV Bill of Sale form undertakes the legal ownership of the vehicle and has the right, power, and lawful authority to dispose of/sell this vehicle free from lien or encumbrance.
  • The seller undertakes to provide truthful information under penalty of perjury in the second degree.

Colorado Vehicle Bill of Sale Form 2

Begin by entering the date in the first line of Colorado Vehicle Bill of Sale form. Enter the amount of the sale on the next line. Mention the price in US dollar. The subsequent line of the form has space for entering the buyer’s name. Provide buyer’s name as it should appear on the new Certificate of Title. Then enter buyer’s address and name of the city of the Colorado State.

Entering vehicle details with care is very necessary. Start by entering the year of manufacturing, make of the vehicle, model, and vehicle identification number on the respective spaces. Enter accurate information about the motor vehicle.

The last portion of Colorado DMV Bill of Sale has spaces reserved for input by you as a seller. Sign on the first line and provide your address on the second line. You may use the additional space for signature and address of the co-seller if any. Each and all rightful owners must sign Colorado DMV Bill of Sale form when more than one. Notarization of the signature/s of seller/s on form is not necessary.

Colorado DMV Bill of Sale Preview

Colorado Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Colorado Vehicle Bill of Sale Form