Georgia Personal Property Bill of Sale Form

Georgia Personal Property Bill Of Sale is a legal template intended to provide documentary evidence of a sale/purchase transaction of a real estate property and/or land. The jurisdiction of Georgia is applicable for the legal standing and effectiveness of the Georgia Bill Of Sale Form.

Signing the document on the mentioned date immediately executes it. This bill of sale document further transfers the lawful right of possession and enjoyment of said personal property / product to the buyer/vendee and his/her heirs, administrators, and executors. The document has space reserved for entering the property or product for sale description. The property description mentioned in this space is considered valid for quantifying the sale/purchase transaction of the said property in Georgia. Provision made in this Bill Of Sale Georgia form serves it as a receipt and/or proof of the payment made by the Vendee to the maker of the instrument.

Prior to Commencing

  • Furnish all necessary details truthfully.
  • Signing the Georgia Bill Of Sale instrument oblige both parties to respect it for whatsoever reason possible and necessary.
  • Maker of the instrument Bill Of Sale Personal Property agrees to transfer the rights to the Vendee for proper use and benefit forever.
  • This Bill Of Sale Template is in accordance to C.G.A. § 44-5-31 of Georgia Codes.
  • Furnish the amount in US dollar and the property description in the spaces provided for the same to quantify the sale/purchase transaction of the said personal property.

Type a name of the county of the Georgia state in which the sale is taking place in the very first line of Bill Of Sale document. Furnish the legal name of the maker and/or the signing principal of this instrument in the space on the following line. Mention the amount in US dollar in the figure in the space on the next line. This value is regarded as the selling price of the property for further computations of taxes as applicable. Furnish the legal name of the buyer of the personal property in the space reserved for the same on the subsequent line. The maker of the Bill Of Sale Personal Property further declares the sale/purchase transaction and transfer of the rights to the Vendee by furnishing the name of the Vendee on the next field of input.

The succeeding portion of the Bill Of Sale Personal Property document has space for describing the personal property and the subject of the instrument. Furnishing the description accurately is very essential for quantifying the transaction completely.

Mention the legal name of the buyer twice on the following lines as prescribed by the instrument. The ensuing line requires the input of the name of the maker of the instrument.

Georgia Notary Public is authorized to enter the details in the next section along with the seal. Enter the name and address of the neutral witness along with his/her signature in the concluding lines assigned to the same to complete executing the document.

Georgia Personal Property Bill of Sale Form

Text version of this Form

———————– Page 1———————–

Bill Of Sale–Personal Property

O.C.G.A. § 44-5-31

State of Georgia, County of

KNOW ALL MEN that the maker, , of this

instrument for and in consideration of the sum of Dollars, to

, in hand paid, at and before the delivery of these presents, the receipt

whereof is hereby acknowledged; has bargained, sold and delivered, and by these

presents does bargain, sell and deliver unto

the following described personal property, to-wit:

(Here describe property)

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said personal property above described, unto the

said vendee heirs, executors, administrators and assigns,

to only proper use, benefit and behoof


The maker of this instrument fully

warrants the right and title to said property unto the said vendee, heirs, executors,

administrators and assigns.


has hereunto set hand and seal this day of , 20_____.



Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of: