Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale template permits the legal sale and transfer of a motor vehicle from a seller to the buyer in Illinois. The document has a provision to provide certain days for a thorough inspection of the motor vehicle.

The seller also undertakes to take back the motor vehicle and refund the amount in case the buyer finds the vehicle defective during the inspection period. However, the seller assumes no responsibility of whatsoever type once the allocated inspection period is over.The seller also retains the right to keep hold of a few dollars as agreed to cover advertising expenses if the sale fails to occur. The instrument also serves as a receipt for the payment made to the seller by the buyer. Furnish vehicle details with care to provide a valid base. These furnished vehicle details are necessary during the title transfer of the vehicle in the office of the DMV of the State of Illinois.

Things to Remember before you Fill the Bill of Sale

  • Read Illinois DMV Bill of Sale carefully to understand the provisions and the obligations mentioned within.
  • The DMV Bill of Sale is binding on both the parties in whatsoever manner upon signing and executing it.
  • Signature of a witness is necessary for the lawful execution of the document.
  • The motor vehicle is sold as is and from the current location, it is in.
  • The document further grants the full rights of the sale and transfer of the motor vehicle.
  • This Bill of Sale is only valid in Illinois.

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale document requires the input of the sum in US dollar followed by the input of the legal name of the seller and then the buyer. Furnishing the names of the seller and the buyer in these spaces defines the precise roles of the parties.

The next section of the Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale seeks the input of vehicle details. Fill in the details like make, model or series, year, color, vehicle identification number, style, odometer reading, and the title number. Maintain utmost care while furnishing these details.

Section Conditions and Representations applicable for sale has spaces for various inputs. The first input requires the maximum permissible days for the transfer of the title of the motor vehicle, the subject of the Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale. Enter the number of days allocated for the inspection of the vehicle under the provision of annulling the sale.

The last portion of the document requires the input of the date, signature of the seller, signature of the buyer, name of the witness and signature of the witness. Complete this section of the document to execute the Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale for the motor vehicle specified aforementioned.

Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Preview of Illinois Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form