Louisiana Movable Property Bill of Sale Form

The Louisiana Movable Property Bill of Sale Form is used in purchasers or sales of movable vehicles in the state of Louisiana. It needs to be notarized before a notary public before it can be deemed as legal. The Louisiana Movable Property Bill of Sale Form is a legal document that shows a transfer of ownership of a vehicle/movable property.

It includes the buyer’s details, the seller’s details and the vehicle/moveable property details. When you purchase a vehicle outright, it’s important that the seller provides you with the current title, signed by both of you. You may also want a copy of the Bill of Sale, which usually stays with the seller as proof of the transaction. If you are the seller of the vehicle, make sure you keep a notarized Bill of Sale for the transaction.

Start the Louisiana Movable Property Bill of Sale Form by entering the district of the state of Louisiana in which the transfer will take place. Then, insert the name of the seller to whom the vehicle is legally registered under the statement that says: “BEFORE ME, the undersigned Notary Public…” Just below this section, you must add the full name of the buyer, who must be of legal age to make this transfer or sale legal.

You must then describe the vehicle/movable property with the following information:-

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Vehicle Sale Price
  • Date of Sale

The Louisiana Movable Property Bill of Sale Form should then be attested with three signatures:-

  1. The seller’s signature should be below the undertaking which assures that the sale property or accessories attached with it are free from all mortgages, loans or tax burdens of any kind.
  2. The buyer’s signature should be below the seller’s signature
  3. The document should be notarized with signature and seal of the Notary Public along with the date (which is entered above the three signatures).

Louisiana Movable Property Bill of Sale Form

Text version of this Form

———————– Page 1———————–



PARISH OF ____________________

BEFORE ME, the undersigned Notary Public, duly commissioned and qualified in and for the parish

and state aforesaid, personally came and appeared:


Seller, of legal age, who hereby sells and delivers with full and general warranty of title unto:


Buyer, of legal age, the following movable property:





Vehicle Sale Price: Date of Sale:

Seller warrants that there are no mortgages, liens or encumbrances of any kind against the movable

property sold or any accessories attached thereon.

Signed on this __________ day of _________________, year of _________.






Notary Public