Mississippi Personal Property Bill of Sale Form

Mississippi Bill of Sale of personal property in the State of Mississippi is a legal instrument intended to sanctify a sale/purchase transaction of a personal property. The document has legal standing with the provision for the notarization and attestation by two unbiased witnesses.

Describe the personal property and the subject of the Bill of Sale document in the space provided for the same to quantify reasonably. Furthermore, this description serves as a platform to validate the transaction between the buyer and the seller. The seller undertakes that the said property is free from any and all sorts of lien/claims/liabilities of any kind and the seller and his/her heirs, successors, and representatives have the rightful possession and the right to enjoy the property. Make copies of the State of Mississippi Bill of Sale instrument and handover to the concerned parties.

Things to Remember

  • Use only black or blue ink to fill the form.
  • Furnish all details and be specific while entering the total amount in US dollar for quantifying the transaction.
  • Notarization of the Bill of Sale for personal property instrument is necessary before the Notary Public of the State of Mississippi.
  • Signatures of the seller and two neutral witnesses are necessary for the legal standing of the document.
  • Submission of State of Mississippi Bill of Sale instrument is necessary during the title transfer of the said personal property.
  • State of Mississippi jurisdiction governs the Bill of Sale instrument for personal property.

The foremost portion of the Bill of Sale document requires the input of the name of the county and then the date of the execution of the instrument. Furnish both details in the respective spaces on line one.

Enter the amount mutually agreed between both the parties in the US dollar. Mentioning this information is very crucial as this amount is considered as a base property value and it serves as a platform for computation of taxes for the buyer.

Continue by entering the name of the buyer in the space reserved for the same. Enter full legal name of the buyer to avoid miscommunication and ambiguity.

Enter the property description in detail in the subsequent lines. This description serves various purposes and it being specific and accurate therefore is necessary. The seller or the signing principal must sign in the space provided for the same to execute the Bill of Sale document.

Signatures of two witnesses are required on the succeeding lines. Unbiased witnesses can sign the document in the conformity of execution of the sale/purchase transaction of the aforementioned personal property.

The following space in the Bill of Sale document is reserved for notarization before the Notary Public of Mississippi State. The seal and signature of the Notary Public along with respective dates are required in this portion to complete and legally execute the instrument.

Mississippi Personal Property Bill of Sale Form

Text version of this Form

———————– Page 1———————–



COUNTY OF _____________________ DATE: ______________, 200__

For and in consideration of ___________________ dollars cash in hand; paid this day in

full by ___________________________________. I do hereby bargain and sell to

him/her the following personal property ______________________________________


The said property I guarantee is my own and free of all claims and offsets of any and all








Sworn to and subscribed the _____________ day of ______________________, 200 ___

Witness my hand and seal of office the ____________ day of ______________, 200 ___



My Commission Expires