Tennessee Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form BK441

The BK441 Tennessee Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle form of 2003 is intended to provide evidentiary proof of the sale/purchase transaction between the buyer and seller pertaining to a motor vehicle described within the document in the state of Tennessee.

Accompaniment of this BK441 form is mandatory during the title transfer of the motor vehicles. This document also serves as a receipt for the payment made by the buyer towards the entitlement of the said motor vehicle. Furthermore, the seller declares and warrants that the motor vehicle and its parts are free from encumbrances and liens of any sort and the buyer has full rights to enjoy the motor vehicle. Signing the document is essential for its validation, execution, and legal standing thereof. Form BK441 has powers to grant, transfer, sell, deliver, and acknowledge the sale/purchase transaction between the buyer and the seller.

Indispensable Facts

  • Form BK441 is legally binding on both seller and buyer after it is signed and executed.
  • Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle also serves as a lawful receipt of the payment made by the buyer to the seller.
  • Notarization before the Notary Public of the State is mandatory for legal execution of the form BK441 Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle.
  • Describe the motor vehicles in detail in the respective spaces to define the subject of the sale/purchase transaction.
  • Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle or form BK441 does not provide warranty on the aforementioned motor vehicle of any sort.

Begin by entering the purpose of the Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle followed by the amount in the US dollar. Furnishing these details ensures to preserve the purpose of the transaction as well as sanctity. Continue by providing the legal name of the buyer on the subsequent line.

The subsequent lines have spaces for furnishing details of the motor vehicle. Proceed with entering make, type, model of the vehicle followed by mentioning the motor number, serial number, body number, license number, and the name of the state. Furnish these details accurately and double check for errors and/or for omitting important details. Description in this portion of form BK441 plays a vital role in governing the identification of the motor vehicle and the subject of the form.

Mention liens if any, to transfer the motor vehicle along with it. Leaving it blank or striking it out, offers the freedom from encumbrances of any sort. Proceed with entering the place (county and state) followed by the date in the prescribed format.

The last portion of the form BK441 has space for signature of the seller along with the address on the right hand side. Sign on the appropriate place and furnish the address of the seller. The left hand portion is reserved for the notarization of the Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle document before the Notary Public of the state. It has spaces for input of date, signature and seal of the Notary Public, and the date of expiry of the commission.

Tennessee Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Text version of this Form

———————– Page 1———————–

Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle

Know all men by these presents: That in consideration of :______________________________________________

DOLLARS ($______________________) the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I/we do grant, sell, transfer and

deliver unto _________________________________________________________, his her or their heirs, executors,

administrators and assigns the following described motor vehicle: ___________________________________________

Make Type Model

with ________________ _________________ ________________ ________________ _______________

(Motor Number) (Serial Number) (Body Number) (License Number) (State of)

To have and to hold the said vehicle forever, and the said grantor hereby warrants that said vehicle, including its tires, battery and

all other equipment is free of all liens, and encumbrances, except: ___________________________________________


Dated at __________________________this _________ day of _________________________, 20 ______

Sworn To and Subscribed Before Me This The ______________ _________________________________________


Day Of ________________________________ 20 _________ Address:__________________________________


(Notary Public) _________________________________________

My Commission Expires ________________________________ BK441/Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle/013103