Trailer Bill of Sale Form

This is a Trailer Bill of Sale Form, it can be used to make a legal sale of a Trailer. Since this is a simple template you can use it may be applicable in any state in the United State of America.

How to fill this Trailer Bill of Sale Form?

This form has all the blank spaces for you to provide the proper details when making this sale. You must first read the entire document carefully, and once you’ve read through it you need to enter the following details:

  • Name of the Buyer.
  • Date when this Sale is being made on.
  • The Total Purchase Price in US Dollars.
  • In the Next section you must enter the following details about the Trailer that is being sold:
    • The Make.
    • Weight of the Empty Trailer.
    • Identification Number of the Trailer.
    • License Plate Number of the Trailer.
  • Both the Buyer and the Seller must sign and date this document to legally complete the Sale of the Trailer.

By following these steps you can easily complete this Trailer Bill of Sale Form. The Seller must acknowledge that all the details of the trailer provided by him/her are true under penalties of Perjury. You can download this document by clicking on the download link at the bottom of this page.

Trailer Bill of Sale Form

Form Preview

Trailer Bill of Sale Form
Trailer Bill of Sale Form