ADM-121 Alaska Attorney Fees Billing Form

Download and use this form for Filling up the form for paying the fees to the Attorney in the Court of Alaska.

Alaska Attorney Fees Billing Form

Text Version of the Form


1. Case Name:
2. Case Number:

3. Attorney’s Name:

Law Firm:



Federal Tax ID No.:

4. Name of Person Represented:

5. Date of Appointment:

6. Name of Appointing Judge:

7. Describe Nature of Case and Other Pertinent Information:

8. Services and Expenses: Attach an itemized list of the time spent on this case, including a
brief description of each service, date and time spent (in hours and tenths of hours). Also
include an itemized list of necessary expenses. List the totals in each of the following
three categories:
a. Total Time Spent In Open Court:
b. Total Time Spent Out Of Court:
c. Itemized Expenses:

9. Has compensation and/or reimbursement for work in this case been previously applied
for or received? Yes No
If yes, how much were you paid? $
By whom?
10. Have you previously billed the Alaska Court System for any of the services or expenses
included on this billing form?
Yes No
If so, what was the date of your billing?

The undersigned states: My services in this case have concluded and the facts stated above are
true according to my best knowledge and belief.
Date Attorney’s Signature

Recommend Approval:
Judge Date

Administrative Officer Date Amount Approved

ADM-121 (10/87)(cs) Admin. R. 12