Alabama Divorce Complaint 1 Form

Use this template/form as a Divorce Complaint 1 Form in the State of Alabama


Text version of this Form

———————– Page 1———————–

PS–08 Case Number (the clerk fills this in):
Divorce Complaint
8/08 (No minor children, no assets or debts for the Court to divide)

In the Circuit Court of (county): ___________________________________________ County, Alabama

In re the marriage of:


Your first and last name Your spouse’s first and last name
(You are the Plaintiff – the person filing for divorce) (Your spouse is the Defendant)

Plaintiff’s Information Defendant’s Information
Mailing address: Home address:
City, state, zip: City, state, zip:
Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy): Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
( )
Phone #: ( )
Phone #:

q I am the Plaintiff in this case. I agree that the Court can make decisions in this case.

w I declare that the following information is true:

• The Defendant is age 19, or older.
• I have resided in Alabama for the last 6 months.
• The Defendant and I were legally married on (date):
(city and state):
• The Defendant and I no longer live together. We separated on (date):
• We last lived together in (county and state):
• The Defendant and I have no children from this marriage under the age of 19, and the Wife is not
• The Defendant and I have already divided our personal property (automobiles, furniture, clothing, bank
accounts, etc.) and do not need a court order to divide our property.
• The Defendant and I do not own any real estate together, such as a house or land.
• The Defendant and I do not have any joint debts that need to be divided by the court.
• The Defendant and I can no longer get along nor live together. We argue and cannot get along.
• The marriage is broken down and cannot be fixed. It is not in our best interests to keep trying to fix it.

e I ask the Court to (check all that apply):
a. Approve this Divorce Complaint, which would end my marriage forever.
b. Order the Defendant to pay all court costs.
c. Give me back my former name (list former name here):

I also ask the Court to make any other orders I may be entitled to.

r I swear that all of the information I provided above is complete and accurate. I understand that if I lie
on this form, I can be fined and sent to jail.

Sign below in front of a notary:


Notary fills out below—

Sworn to and subscribed before me, the undersigned authority,

By (Print name of notary): (Notary’s seal here)

On this date: / /

Notary signs here Date notary’s commission expires

Rev. 10/08 © 2008 Alabama State Bar