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Free Wisconsin Joint Petition Divorce without Minor Children Form - PDF Form Download

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Form FA-4111V, Wisconsin Joint Petition without Minor Children is intended to seek either divorce or legal separation from the court when the couple who want to separate do not have any minor children in the State of Wisconsin. Both spouses are co-petitioners. Filing this form FA-4111V comes with responsibility to avoid acts prohibited by Wisconsin statute § 767.117 and violation invites penalties as governed by Wisconsin statute Sec. 785.04.

Select the type of petition between divorce or legal separation carefully. Both spouses must fill the form truthfully with accuracy. Signatures of both spouses are required but notarization of this form is not required. You may enclose more sheets to provide information about previous marriages if more than one of any of the spouses for 5e to 5h and for 6e to 6h as applicable. Do not modify form FA-4111V for whatsoever reason.


Begin by entering the name of the county. Then enter first, middle, and last name of the wife followed by wife’s address. Continue by providing first, middle, and last name of the husband and then address on the next lines. Select petition type between divorce or legal separation and mention case number.

Wisconsin Divorce Petition Step 1

Enter date of birth of wife and mark response between yes or no for A.2 to A.4. Similarly, mention husband’s date of birth and then mark your response between yes or know for B.2, B.3, and B.4.

Wisconsin Divorce Petition Step 2

Section C requires marriage information date, city, and state of marriage. Select 3.a if you are filing a petition for divorce or 3.b for legal separation. Mention cause for legal separation on the line provided for the same.

Select yes, if this is the first request for divorce or separation or no and provide the name of county, state, case number, and select whether the case dismissed or not in subsection 4 of the petition.

Select yes, if this is the first marriage for the wife. Otherwise select no and provide information for each one in 5.a through 5.d. In addition, use lines 5.e to 5.h to provide information about previous marriages of wife if any. Similarly, Select yes for husband’s first marriage or no, and provide details on each line from 6.a to 6.d, and use lines 6.e to 6.h for entering details of husband’s previous marriages.

Wisconsin Divorce Petition Step 3

Continue by entering information about children by selecting No or select yes and provide name and date of birth of each child of age 18 or older in D.1. Select a or b in D.2 and proceed to D.3 and select one response between yes or no. Select yes, in case you are requesting for spousal support from the court or no otherwise in the next portion of the form FA-4111V, Joint Petition without Minor Children.

The last portion requires a signature, printed name, and date of signing of wife and husband in the respective spaces. Notarization of both these signatures is not necessary.

Wisconsin Joint Petition Without Minor Children

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