Lawyer Disengagement Letter (Lost Client) Form

Use this template/format as a Lawyer Disengagement Letter (Lost Client) Form.

Lawyer Disengagement Letter (Lost Client) Form

Lawyer Disengagement Letter (Lost Client) Form

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________________ , 20_______

Mr./Ms. ______________________

Re: _________________________

Dear Mr./Ms. ___________________________:

It has been a pleasure to represent you for the past _____________________________ (time period) in ___________________________________(identify the legal matter). We have not received any communication from you, however, for the past _____________________________(time period.) We have attempted to contact you by telephone and written communication, but we have been unsuccessful. Our letters are returned and (our telephone calls go unanswered/your telephone has been disconnected with no new number.) Due to this inability to locate and communicate with you, we must assume you no longer want us to represent you in this matter.

Your case is pending before the court, therefore, we may only withdraw with the court’s permission. Enclosed is a copy of a motion we intend to file within ____ days from the date of this letter. We believe the court will grant our request for leave to withdraw from your case. Accordingly, it would be in your best interest to immediately begin looking for another attorney to represent you. Your failure to take action regarding this matter may result in (your claim being forever barred/a Default Judgment being entered against you.

Should your new lawyer wish to discuss this case with us, we will advise you of our hourly rate for such a consultation upon contact by your new lawyer. We will provide a copy of your client file pertaining to this matter to you or your new lawyer for a reasonable fee, upon request. Please be aware that in some circumstances the law allows us to assert a retaining lien on client files until outstanding fees are paid or there is a posted security for payment; this may apply to your file

If you would like us to continue to represent you in this matter, we will do so if you contact us immediately upon receipt of this letter. If you do not contact us within ________ days we will file the enclosed Motion to Withdraw.

We look forward to hearing from you in the hope that we can continue to represent you in this matter.