Lawyer Disengagement Letter (Non-Payment) Form

Use this template/format as a Lawyer Disengagement Letter (Non-Payment) Form.

Lawyer Disengagement Letter (Non-Payment) Form

Lawyer Disengagement Letter (Non-Payment) Form

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________________ , 20_______

Mr./Ms. ______________________

Re: _________________________

Dear Mr./Ms. ___________________________:

Thank you for allowing us to be of service in the above-captioned matter. As you know, our invoices have not been paid and are now more than 30 days past due. Therefore, as was explained at the outset of the engagement and in our written fee agreement, we must withdraw from representing you at this time.

We are enclosing a copy of the pleadings, correspondence and depositions taken in your case, as well as the original documents tendered to us during the representation. You should contact other counsel immediately to further pursue (and protect) your interests in this matter. Your new counsel should have adequate time to serve your best interests, and you should provide your new counsel with your file for necessary review. A memorandum detailing the complete status of the matter with deadlines noted is attached.

We regret that this action was necessary.