Financial Terms of Limited Partnership Form

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Financial Terms of Limited Partnership

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Financial Terms of Limited Partnership

This is written to inform you as a prospective Limited Partner about the financial terms of the Partnership. This is an informal notice. The Partnership document itself governs all such matters.

Capital contributions listed in the LIMITED PARTNERSHIP agreement may be paid in the following installments: ____% at time of signing, balance in ____ days, with ____% interest per annum.

Limited partners shall be required to make additional capital contributions in the discretion of the majority of the general partners, not to exceed ____ percent of their original capital contribution. Should any limited partner fail to make an additional capital contribution when required to do so, then the partnership may debit any share of profit of the partner then due or due to be paid in the future, or may in its discretion either:

(1) reduce the percentage ownership of the partner by that proportion as their contribution was not made; or,

(2) sue the limited partner for the required contribution; or;

(3) obtain a substitute limited partner who shall receive the defaulting partners full interest in the partnership.

Dated: ____________ , 20____

General Partner