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Landlord’s Consent to Assignment Form

Landlord’s Consent to Assignment Form

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The undersigned, as owner and lessor of the real property in the lease agreement dated __________ , 20___ between _________________ as tenant (“Assignor”) and ____________ the undersigned and ___________________ (as “Landlord”), a copy of which is attached hereto (“Lease”), hereby consents to the assignment of the Lease by Assignor to ___________ (“Assignee”). The undersigned does not consent to any further assignment or subletting of the leased premises.

The undersigned hereby certifies in respect of the Lease that:

(a) The Assignor is tenant under the Lease.

(b) The Lease as attached hereto is in full force and effect and Assignor is not in default hereunder.

Assignor remains fully responsible under the lease until it is completely discharged. If Assignee does not make complete payments to landlord, assignor must seek recourse from the Assignee. Landlord will accept direct payments from Assignee only as a courtesy and that action will imply no release of Assignor from the original lease.

The undersigned, in the event Assignee exercises the option to extend or renew the Lease, if any, or if Assignee otherwise agrees to extend or renew the Lease, does hereby release Assignor, from any liability to the undersigned under the terms and conditions of said Lease which accrue and become due during the extended term thereof.