Alabama Residential Lease Agreement

The Alabama Residential Lease Agreement is one between the landlord of a premises and the tenant to whom the premises will be rented/leased out. It is an agreement between these two parties, and is legally binding under Alabama State Law.

In the first line, fill in the day, month and year on which the agreement has been entered into. This is followed by the full name of the ‘Landlord’ and the full name of the ‘Tenant’.

Under this agreement, the above mentioned Landlord is the fee owner of the real estate property that he wants to rent/lease out. Here, mention the name of the county in the state of Alabama, followed by the entire street address of the given premises.

How to Write a Residential Lease in Alabama

  • Under point 1, fill in the term of the lease agreement in number of months or years, as applicable. Follow this by filling in the start date as well as the expiry date of the lease.
  • Point 2 is with regards to payment. Mention the total sum of the rent to be paid in USD. Also mention the monthly date on which it should be paid, and the amount of the monthly instalments. The first instalment is to be paid when this agreement is executed.
  • In 3, mention the amount the tenant must pay as a deposit on execution of the agreement.
  • In 4, mention the members of the tenants’ family that will be staying in the given premises.
  • In 15, mention the amount of rent that is payable per month in USD if tenant remains in possession of the premises after the agreement expires.
  • In 17, fill in the maximum number of animals that the tenant is allowed to keep on the premises. Also mention the refundable and non-refundable deposits payable in USD as and when he does keep animals.
  • The tenant will pay a ‘late charge’ if the payment isn’t made within 3 days of the due date. In 21, mention the amount of late charge in USD.
  • In 32, fill in the Landlord’s full name followed by his detailed address and the Tenant’s full name followed by his detailed address.
  • Point 33 is for mentioning any other important provisions of the agreement or any disclosures regarding the premises being leased out.

The bottommost part of the form will need you to enter the date, fill in your name and sign in the blank space. There are also blank spaces where the tenant is required to fill in his name and sign, mentioning the appropriate date as well.

Alabama Residential Lease Agreement

Form Preview

Alabama Residential Lease Agreement
Alabama Residential Lease Agreement